Week of 4/7 – 4/13

花見 (Hanami) in わさび (Wasabi)!

This week in Wasabi, spring was officially in full swing!  The festival of Hanami in Animal Crossing: New Leaf has begun, and that means that cherry blossoms can be seen floating through the air for several days this week.  Mayor Neko cheekily wore a leaf mask to celebrate the flower viewing festival.


Mayor Neko is sad to report that there are no new Public Works updates as of the time of print.  The current project, Central Bridge, is somewhat expensive and has not yet been fully funded.  All donations are welcome!  We still need to raise about ฿50,000 to complete the project.  Estimated time of completion is now next week.


Got your number 2 pencils ready?  Good, because the latest DLC from the Campus series is what the Wasabi News has dubbed the “Pencil Screen.”  Made of an assortment of sharpened pencils in various colors, this screen is pretty cool looking!  You can use it to block the doorway to the secret chambers in your home!


Gah!  Our beloved Mayor Neko was nowhere to be found during this week’s Fishing Tournament on 4/13.  The residents of Wasabi tried to wait for her but as time ticked on, the villagers decided to participate without her.  That being said, it is unclear what sort of Tournament was held this week.  Mayor Neko was apparently traveling on this day and was not able to check into Wasabi until long after the Tourney had ended.  Please congratulate Agent S, who was the winner of the Fishing Tournament of April!  Don’t worry, Mayor Neko, there will be a new Tournament next month.  Just don’t FORGET this time!


  • 5/5/13 – Boy’s Day
    • Meet Shizue at the Town Plaza for a special item!
    • Photo Board and Paper Hats for all!
  • 5/12/13 – Mother’s Day
    • Check your mailbox for a letter from your Mom!
    • She might send you a special packet of seeds!
  • 5/18/13 – Fishing Tournament
    • Catch the best fish in town!
    • Win a trophy if you’re in the top three!


Yay for Hump Day!  I always get excited to visit the city on Wednesdays.  You never know who’ll you’ll see in the big city!

Does anyone else think that the Cherry Blossoms have been intensifying?  I feel like I see more of them falling from the sky today than I did yesterday…

Haven’t noticed any new flowers yet.  That’s ok!  Tom Nook is selling a throne today.  Too bad I won’t be home to leave my gates open in case someone wants to buy it!  I’m NOT leaving my gates open while I’m not here… not after the recent STEALING of my Jacob’s Ladders!  I’m gonna be following all new visitors like a hawk from now on, so get used to it lol!

PHINEAS IS IN THE CITY!  He’s so great.  Now gimme something!  ARGH, he gave me another purple balloon!  I want a red balloon so bad.  Whyyyyy????  He must know that Squirt is a cross-dresser lol!

Congrats to Kelly, the (as Jed so eloquently put it) ‘token female character’ in Hazmat.  She has the Model Room in the HRA, for the ‘room that was the cutest.’  It was definitely cute – it had the Kiddie set, as well as some pink furniture.  Very cute indeed!  I also stopped over at the Marquee, but nothing new was playing.

And now it’s time for Crazy Redd.  Today I see a Black Katana, a Serene Painting, and a Computer.  I’m pretty sure I already have a Serene painting.  I’m going to buy it anyway, and if Blathers gives it back to me without confirming that it’s counterfeit, I’ll leave it at the gate for someone else to try.  Not wasting my money on the other two items!

Savannah in the city!

Savannah in the city!

I stopped over at GracieGrace to say hi to Label, and who did I spy in there?  That nuisance, Savannah!  I’d say she was following me, but clearly she was in the store before I was.  So I said hello, lol.

As I was leaving, I walked past Shampoodle’s.  No, maybe it was more like pacing back and forth outside the door.  I want to get a new hair color.  I decided to go in, and keep my haircut the same, but just get a crazy spring-like color to add a little pizazz.  So I went with green hair.  If I hate it, I’ll come back and change it tomorrow lol!


The Cherry Blossoms are still going strong!  It’s cute.  But I want rain!

As usual, not much is going on today.  Found a new Jacob’s Ladder, as well as a purple pansy.  That’s pretty cool!

Since it was a pretty ho-hum day, Deb tried to make it exciting by finding a Spider that Victoria had asked for.  Deb has to do it because she’s the only one who said yes.  Squirt accidentally said no and Vicky got all upset lol.  Anyway, Deb started shaking all the fruit trees in search for a spider.  None were around.  She was persistent but I guess spiders just didn’t want to be found.  In her frustration, Deb decided to play a little prank on Broccolo:

Raining on Broccolo!

Raining on Broccolo!

Ever wondered where Twinx has been?  You know, the character in Shaolin with a cat face?  Well, she’s been out of town on a little side job:  working at Pokemon Ranch!  As I’ve written before, I’ve been playing Pokemon Diamond a lot and recently downloaded Pokemon Ranch from the Wii Shop.  It’s really cute!  I like how you can take pictures of all the cutesy versions of the Pokemon.  Now I have a place to store all my unused Pokemon!

Twinx (and uh... Butthead) working at the Ranch!

Twinx (and uh... Butthead) working at the Ranch!

I’m not going to be around much tomorrow, since it’s Passover and I have to go to my parents’ house.  I’ll try to post a little something though!  I can’t imagine not blogging for a day lol!  It would ruin my streak.  😛


Cherry Blossoms in the air!

Cherry Blossoms in the air!

It’s time for Ohanami, the Cherry Blossom Festival!  It’s not really a holiday, but it’s super cute.  You know all these trees we all have, that turned pink?  Well, now the leaves from those trees are flitting through the air, and its almost like the confetti from Festivale.  It’s really cute!

Sweet, there’s an official notice on the Bulletin Board about Bunny Day!  April 12 – that’s 6 days away!  And on this upcoming Saturday, a new Fishing Tourney is coming!  Hopefully it won’t be of the Specific Fish variety…

Now it’s time for Vella’s party!  I headed through the gates to join in the festivitities.  Vella had a bunch of cute costumes set up at the gate.  I quickly jumped into an Orange costume (aka Citrus Shirt and Mandarin Cap).  Chokomaru and Jed joined us!  Hooray!  We went to Vella’s house to see her crazy Chess room!

Playing chess... AC style!

Playing chess... AC style!

Since it was the Cherry Blossom Festival, we couldn’t spend all day inside!  We went over to the Town Hall to hang out and whack each other with nets.  Jed had to go, but another one of Vella’s friends came by, Lana.  She was very nice too!  We took a nice group photo under the falling blossoms.

Nice group photo!

Nice group photo! Look, Chokomaru is dressed up as Dash from the Incredibles!

I couldn’t stay much longer after that, cuz I had to go have lunch!  I’m going to try and get back to the party later on this afternoon.  Be there or be square!

OH and before I forget, to all the American AC:CF players out there:  Another DLC is coming on Tax Day.  I dunno what it will be, I’ll post if I find out.  It better not be a calculator… lol  I also completed my AC:CF Cloning Guide, check it out if you want to learn the secrets of cloning!  But please, don’t just use it to cheat and get rich.  That’s lame.