I slept late because I was up all night playing Pokemon.  I love Pokemon!

But today was exciting right from the jump!  Pete was waiting as I exited my house, and quickly shoved a big heavy package into my arms before rushing off, mumbling something about how his boss gets mad if he’s caught talking.  I don’t know if his boss is Tortimer or what.  Anyway, Nintendo said:  “Happy DSi Day!  With this nifty piece of furniture, you can celebrate the occasion by sitting around!”  Wait, I thought Nintendo was trying to get kids to STOP sitting around.  Anyway… I have my DS Couch!  It’s BLACK!  It’s really cute but I don’t really have a place for it right now…

Next excitement – a new black rose spawned in my massive rose garden!  Sweet!  Now I just have to wait for it to wilt, and then pour gold water on it and PRESTO!  New gold rose!  YAY!  And that was all the excitment of the morning without walking more than 5 paces.

After watering all the flowers, I found more hybrids!  A black tulip spawned in the most random place, and a purple tulip arrived as well!  Yay for pretty flowers!

In the afternoon, Deb wanted to work on designing her new basement.  I put the Mortar Wall and Sand Garden down there, so I figured I’d put more Japanese furniture there too.  So all the exclusive Japanese stuff is down there.  I have no idea if this is how these items are meant to be put together… but it’s cool for now!  Aya, I need your expert opinion!  ww

Deb loves her new DSi Couch!
Deb loves her new DSi Couch!

3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. KKSliderfan924

    Dang, can’t believe I missed ya yesterday afternoon!! Actually the hubby and I went to the Phillies/Rays exhibition game the night before and I didn’t get your message until later. I did go on for a little but I had to leave for a viewing at 4:30 … hopefully we can catch each other soon!! I got a black DS too from Pete this weekend! Thanks for the tip on the new DLC coming out Tax Day … can’t wait to check out your new guides too! – Missy

  2. KKSliderfan924

    AHHHHH … I just remember, I think I saw Squirt wearing a Mets shirt!!! We are die-hard Phils fans, let the season begin 🙂 Phillies/Mets series are the best to go to, more action in the stands than on the field!!

  3. I can see that you have all kinds of Japanese stuff going on in this room! If you want to make it look more authentic, I’m gonna have to ask you to separate some of them :p
    I cannot wait to visit and take a look!

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