The Prima Guide is crappy.  I don’t like how all the clothes are listed separately from the matching hats and accessories.  If I had been developing this guide, I definitely would have kept the sets together!  I mean, Mabel usually tells you if you are buying something that will match another item.   I wish I had been writing those hints down, cuz now I’m trying to assemble a list of “costumes” that have matching hats or accessories.  This is in NO way complete, in any order, or definitely correct – it’s just based on my memory, the guide, and what seems to go together.  

PLEASE comment if you know of anything I forgot, or if something was posted that needs correction!  And for fun, I’ll color the items I don’t have in blue.

  • Detective Hat & Detective Outfit
  • Top Hat & Tuxedo
  • Gracie Hat & Gracie’s Top (I know there are accessories too but let’s not get crazy lol)
  • Festive Hat & Jingle Shirt
  • Big Bro’s Hat & Big Bro’s Shirt
  • Lil Bro’s Hat & Lil Bro’s Shirt
  • Chef’s Hat & Chef’s Outfit
  • Combat Helmet & Military Uniform
  • Scholar’s Hat & Graduation Gown
  • Safety Helmet & Orange Jumpsuit??  
  • Police Cap & Security Shirt
  • Explorer’s Hat & Explorer’s Shirt
  • Captain’s Hat & Captain’s Shirt
  • Outback Hat & Western Shirt
  • Dutch Hat & Dutch Shirt
  • Sombrero & Poncho?
  • Pirate’s Hat & Pirate’s Coat
  • Jester’s Cap & Jester Shirt
  • Witch Hat & Witch Shirt
  • Melon Hat & Melon Shirt
  • Strawberry Hat & Strawberry Shirt
  • Kiwi Hat & Kiwi Shirt
  • Mardarin Hat & Citrus Shirt
  • Watermelon Hat & Watermelon Shirt
  • Grape Hat & Grape Shirt
  • Royal Crown & Royal Shirt
  • Crown & Princess Shirt??  (maybe?)
  • Fireman’s Hat & Firefighter Tee
  • Warbonnet & Folk Tunic
  • Cow Bone & Caveman Tunic
  • Samurai Wig (or is it the Helmet?) & Samurai Suit
  • Geisha Wig & Kimono?
  • Ninja Hood & Burglar’s Shirt
  • Bunny Hood & Fluffy Shirt???
  • Cat Cap & Cat Top
  • Bear Cap & Bear Top
  • Frog Cap & Frog Top
  • Kappa Cap & Kappa Suit
  • Hero’s Cap & Hero’s Clothes
  • Racing Helmet & Racing Shirt
  • Knight’s Helmet & Armor Suit (but what about the Scale Armor Suit?  Does that match anything?)
  • Roman Helmet & Gold Armor Suit
  • Space Helmet & Space Suit
  • Wrestling Mask & Wrestler Shirt
  • Dressing & Mummy Shirt
  • Red Zap Helmet & Red Zap Suit
  • Blue Zap Helmet & Blue Zap Suit
  • Green Zap Helmet & Green Zap Suit
  • Pink Zap Helmet & Pink Zap Suit
  • Samus’ Mask & Varia Suit
  • Toad Hat & Toad Shirt
  • King Tut Mask & Egyptian Outfit
  • Bridal Veil & Cake Shirt

One thought on “COSTUME LIST!

  1. I can order you some of the ones your missing. Do you want me to get you the Gracie outfit? It’s on sale at GracieGrace during the summer. (I dunno if you’d rather wait and have something to look forward to :P)

    The item file I sent you has a list of all the costumes. It’s in an oddly named section “Looks.” Apparently the scale armor suit goes with the viking helmet.

    I will order these for you: (though maybe not ’til Sunday, feelin’ lazy today, and hanging out with family tomorrow)
    Watermelon Hat
    Princess Shirt
    Frog Cap
    Knight’s Helmet
    Wrestling Mask (I love that outfit. Grebo runs around in it)
    Frog Top
    Blue Zap Helmet & Blue Zap Suit (you can have them off my back! lol)
    Egyptian Outfit

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