It’s a rainy day!  Rain looks so cute in this game.  Now it’s time to look for snails!  Not that I need one, I caught one in Higarden a while ago!  But it’s still fun to finally see them in my own town.  Oh but wait, I just checked the guide and there are no snails in March LOL.  


Am I the only sucker without an umbrella?
Am I the only sucker without an umbrella?


Nookington’s has a spotlight item:  a Mummy’s Casket.  

Things seem normal at the Able’s Shop.  Darn.  Maybe I have to wait until my next Gracie evaluation to hear more of the story?  That would suck!

Curly looks well today.  He took the medicine but I have a feeling that tomorrow he’ll be all better!

Squirt went to the city, since it’s the weekend.  Basically it’s only Wednesdays or the weekends that you MUST go to the city.  Why?  Because on Weds Redd restocks, and on the weekend it’s AUCTION HOUSE time!  Not that I’ve had any luck with it.  Nobody buys my stuff.  But it’s still fun to try.  


Auction House & Girly Shoes
Auction House & Girly Shoes


I decided to get a shoe shine since it was nice and sunny in the city.  Since I’m a regular customer at Kicks’ stoop, he has been offering to give me a ‘feminine’ shoe shine.  (I guess if you get your shoes shined enough, he’ll eventually begin to offer shoe shines of the opposite gender.) Usually I politely decline, but I was getting curious.  So I gave it a shot.  BAD idea.  Now I have these ruby red girly shoes that I don’t think match my outfit at all!  Ooops.  Guess I have to come back to the city tomorrow and hope Kicks is around to fix this fashion faux-pas!  

So FYI – I have displayed a Parasaur Tail at the Auction House.  Someone be nice and place a bid on it NEXT weekend please?  I’ll try to remind you guys in a future blog post.  

Ruby must have gone to Doomdoom recently and got a bit of whatever was in their water in HER system.  Why?  Because in Doomdoom, a character named Carmen said she wanted to be a mermaid.  And now RUBY is talking about wanting to become a mermaid too!  She says she needs a Rainbow Trout to help her do this.  I guess I’ll help…

OH ho, I spoke too soon about things seeming normal today!  The Conspiracy continues…


Pelly knows something!
Pelly knows something!

Pelly was mumbling something about this to herself when I went to the Town Hall to send some mail.  Sorry, I didn’t write down the full dialog but the picture shows all the information she revealed.  Mabel keeps getting letters from an ‘anonymous sender’ from her past… OBVIOUSLY it must be Labelle!  Maybe she’s sending her money and things are mad awkward.  LOL  I dunno, but I like the surprise of hearing part of the conspiracy from an unexpected source!  I wonder if Phyllis would have been as helpful…

2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. It was raining in my town today too. I never seem to have an umbrella handy. All my neighbors complain about their umbrellas being full of holes. So I guess I shouldn’t feel bad about getting soaked.

    I guess I need to visit Kicks more. I don’t get my shoes done too often. I haven’t figured out what influences your shoe color. Last time I got them done using “style” to attempt to match my outfit before I talked to Gracie in her shop. I can’t remember what I was wearing (some outfit), but they didn’t seem to work. Gracie told me I was a fashion reject. I think I’ve only gotten one favorable review, and then I didn’t have enough money to buy anything. LOL.

    Did you get Ruby her rainbow trout? I never got Carmen her goby, so I didn’t find out if she said anything amusing about the mermaid thing if I gave her what she wanted.

    I wanted to buy your black queen when you had it listed, but it didn’t show up for me. I can’t figure the auction house out. 😛

  2. It was raining in both of your towns today? Hmm strange, my town was very sunny. I like rainy days in this game too. It’s cute and I get to hold my favourite umbrella 🙂

    Speaking of shoe shining, once he gave me a bright green shoes thats supposed to match with my pink dress. I was thinking, “wth!?” but then my friend told me that it was because the dress was custom made so it’s considered as a “blank” item. I learned something new.

    I hope Curly gets better soon!


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