Just a regular old Friday…  nothing much going on.  I forgot to check out the meteor shower last night, but oh well.  It’s the same every time!

Decided to visit the Able sisters to see if there are any new developments.  Nope, they are acting normal!  I know Tom Nook is going to get involved in this, but I think there’s more w/the Able sisters first.  Guess I have to wait!

Whoa, Chokomaru sent me a letter saying he read my blog, and attached a Merry-Go-Round from the SIN List!  Cool!  Thanks, buddy!

I spotted Pascal on the Old North Bridge again.  He gave me an extra Sea View (I was hoping for more kegs, oh well).  Anyone need this Sea View?


Pascal is weird, maaan.
Pascal is weird, maaan.


No towns to visit this morning.  That’s ok, I have Pokemon to play and HW to finish lol!

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