I slept late today because I forgot about Daylight Savings time.  I got up at 12:30, thinking it was 11:30.  Luckily, my Wii made the same mistake so I was able to buy turnips from Joan.  (I didn’t realize I had to fix the time on the Wii until after I started the game, so it was ‘back in time’ as well lol.)  It’s raining again today.

  • Side Note:  I am getting SICK of Nookington’s.  They NEVER have silver tools on sale.  And upstairs, they NEVER have new items!  And I don’t even mean items that I don’t have.  I pretty much got almost everything.  But the stock in Nookington’s never changes.  The same Classic Chair has been in the same position in the store ALL week!  And that same stupid Left Platform just won’t go away!  Do I have to buy all this crap just to make the inventory change inside the store?

Thanks to my excellent buddies No Name and Chokomaru, I’m now the proud owner of an Unknown Machine and a Jukebox.  I got the Amazing Machine the other day from Bubbzi, so I think that means my Mad Scientist set is now complete.  Hmm… maybe I should convert my basement of lovely furniture into a secret laboratory?  

Squirt went straight to the city to fix his shoes.  Back to the MASCULINE black dress shoes.  He passed Grizzly on his way to Kicks, but Grizzly barely even noticed him.  So much for old buddies lol!

Well things were normal at the Able’s Shop today.  Was that the end of the mystery for now?  Maybe I should go check w/Pelly again lol!  Nope, all clear there as well.  

Oh, I caught a new fish, a Loach!  Better haul-ass to the museum!

One thought on “Sunday

  1. Oh rats! I’ve had an Unknown Machine set aside for you forever. LOL. I still have a Cement Mixer for you if you need it.

    I’m getting sick of my Nookington’s too. The hours are lousy (I usually log on and water flowers around 8am and can’t finish my rounds until he opens. Crazy, I know.) and the selection doesn’t change. I’m trying to score some points right now otherwise I think a Nook & Go is sounding better and better.

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