A word to the wise – use FireFox when accessing the Nintendo site.  I had all kinds of problems using the site with Safari, but FireFox totally worked.  I was able to check my order status on the site for the first time.  Joy!  Something I thought was a little weird:

“Component Description


Sooo… my Wii’s color is “assy white” now?  LOL I’m sure that’s not what that’s supposed to mean but it sure looks funny to me!

Anyway, my Wii has already left NOA.  I tracked the package and it is already in Seacaucus, NJ!  Yay!!!  The tracking page said that it should arrive on Monday!  Yes!  Now I just have to hope they don’t deliver it to my landlord by accident, since that will cause delays!  Only a few more days until I know the fate of Shaolin.  I’m very hopeful that it will still exist, because many people have told me they sent their Wii’s in for the same reason, and they came back fully intact.  Please let that happen to me tooooo!!!

OK I won’t post again until my Wii is on and I have real results.  Thanks for staying tuned!

One thought on “FINAL UPDATE

  1. Yay! I’m happy to hear it’s on its way home. I am crossing my fingers that Shaolin comes back! But, if not, I have a whole bunch of flowers planted for you, and even if it does, you can still have them. A pink cosmos popped up in them today. 😉

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