My Wii has finally arrived safe and sound, with save files intact!  Although I did forget to check and make sure my Wii Points were still there, but I’m sure they are fine.  

So now I have decided to TT back to 2/23 and continue where I left off.  I’ll probably play Festivale today and then do a few game days in one RL day, just to catch up to today’s date!  I don’t like being behind!  If you happen to be online right now (it’s almost 7pm) check my gate, cuz it’ll be open and we’ll be playing stupid games!  Joy!  Raining confetti!  

First thing I notice – that ‘flowers don’t wilt’ charm didn’t last.  There are brown flowers around.  😦

Things started out slow on Festivale, it was just Squirt trying to find townies and play games.  He had a few candies left over from Pal’s Festivale 2 weeks back.  They were all yellows and greens.  Unfortunately all Pavé wanted to talk about was red and blue candies, of course.  So I continued on, playing games and gathering candies solo.  


Im a BEAST?!?!
I'm a BEAST?!?!


Suddenly, friends started coming by!  It was so great to see some friends after being MIA for a week.  First Bubbzi came to visit, but she couldn’t stay long.  That’s ok!  Not long after Bubbzi left, Vella came by!  Hooray!  She was finally able to catalog the stuff I had ordered for her.  She dropped off a bunch of flowers, which was so nice!

Vella and I started playing the annoying mini games with the townies, and then a new friend named Aya came in through the gates!  I was excited to meet her, since I’ve been reading her blog all week!  🙂  We started talking about the holiday going on in Japan today (or well, tonight here in the USA, since Japan is like +14 hrs ahead of me) which is called Girl’s Day.  I had received a letter from Chokomaru reminding me that I should come check it out.  I was interested in finding out more about it, but we had a task at hand!  With my friends’ help, we were able to corral most of the townies that were outside.  Those silly animals all decided to congregate at like the opposite side of town, but that’s ok.  We got a bunch of candies and furniture from Pavé!  It’s SOOO much easier when you have friends helping you!

Its Vella, Squirt and Aya!
It's Vella, Squirt and Aya!


Aya ended up having to leave, because her friend in Japan wanted her to come check out the holiday.  Vella and I stayed behind, working diligently!  Maybe 2 minutes after Aya left, my buddy Chokomaru came to Shaolin!  And he came with a present for me, a Rice Cake from Girl’s Day!  I asked him if he liked Girl’s Day and he said NO!  Hehehe.  Boy’s Day isn’t until May 5th, so he’s gotta wait lol!  Chokomaru helped us get some candy and furniture too.  But after a while, Festivale gets really tedious.  We ended up calling it a night after gathering 11 or 12 items from the Pavé Series.  I offered some candy and furniture to my buddies for helping out, and then sold the spoils.  I made over 100K from all the hard work!  Hooray!


Bye-Bye Festivale!
Bye-Bye Festivale!



Anyway, I’m just so glad to be back with my Wii functioning normally! (so far…)  I really missed AC!

5 thoughts on “SHAOLIN IS BACK, BABY!!!! + Festivale WITH PHOTOS!

  1. It was nice meeting both of you today! I am sorry that I had to leave, but I had fun with you two tonight 🙂

    I am very happy that you didn’t lose your saved data!! By the way, please feel free to ask me if you need any help while you are catching up 🙂

    P.S. I used to eat a special candies (very colourful and cute) called “konpeito” when I was little on Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day). I loved them and always wanted more. Asking for candies to your town mates today reminded me of this memory!

  2. Yay! So glad everything worked out. Now I gotta figure out how to visit other ppl. Brannon and I both added you but really don’t know how the details work. Gotta read some more now that someone with our codes is back in action. 😉

  3. KKSliderfan924

    WOW! Another nailbiter for me!! That must have really been frustrating not having your Wii. Thankfully your game was intact and Wii arrived safe and sound! What would you have done if you had start all over after playing for so long?

    1. gluxbox

      Well first I would have been all sad. Then I would have said “Oh well, guess I’m starting over.” Then I’d probably reset the game as many times as needed to get my ideal town layout (since Shaolin’s has room for improvement but oh well lol) and then I’m sure my WFC friends would have helped me get back on my feet as far as cataloging!

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