Updated SIN List

(AKA the Stuff I Need List)

Here is a list of items I’m looking for to complete a furniture series or set:

Ranch Series:

Ranch Dresser
-Ranch Chair (NOT the armchair!)
-Ranch Hutch

Blue Series:
-Blue Dresser

Cabana Series:
-Cabana Bed
-Cabana Chair

Kiddie Series:
Kiddie Bed

Western Series:
-Covered Wagon

Space Series:
Space Shuttle

Construction Series:

Saw Horse
Steam Roller
-Cement Mixer

Boxing Series:
Red Corner

Mossy Garden Series:
Backyard Pool

Nursery Series:

Mad Scientist Series:
-Amazing Machine
-Unknown Machine

Classroom Series:
Right Platform
Clear Model

Mario Series:
Block Flooring

Chess Pieces:
-Black King
Black Knight
Black Rook
-White Rook

Sports Equipment:

Vaulting Horse
High-Jump Mat

Hospital Furniture:
-I.V. Drip

Cafe Set:

Totem Poles:
-Frog-Woman Pole

Japanese Furniture:
Paper Lantern
Samurai Suit
Ninja Sword

Bonsai Set:
Hawthorn Bonsai

Plants Set:
Snake Plant

Musical Instruments Set:
Timpano Drum

Ancient Objects Set:
Pantheon Post

Games Set:
Basketball Hoop

Boxes Set:
Pink Box

Household Amenities:
Deluxe Washer

Music Devices Set:
Hi-Fi Stereo
High-End Stereo
Dice Stereo

Street and Shop Items:
Raccoon Figure
Phone Box
Wheat Field

Pirate Ship Theme:
-Ship Compass


Obviously this isn’t really a list of everything I’m missing.  If that were the case, I’d put all the Sahara carpets/wallpapers, Gulliver items, etc!  But I figure I’d like to earn SOME of this stuff on my own!  Plus, none of those special items are orderable from Nook’s.  

This list is just stuff I’d like to complete some of the sets in the catalog.  That means I have everything else in the aforementioned sets, so if you need something from those, just let me know!  🙂

One thought on “Updated SIN List

  1. I did a check of my catalogs and these are the things I can order for you. The ones marked VH are in Higarden’s catalog and not Doomdoom, so I may order, catalog and then give them to you. This may take a few days of ordering. 😉

    Ranch Dresser
    Kiddie Bed
    Space Shuttle
    Red Corner
    Backyard Pool
    Right Platform
    Black Rook
    Black Knight
    vaulting horse
    high-jump mat
    samurai suit
    ninja sword
    pantheon post
    pink box
    deluxe washer
    hi-fi stereo
    racoon figure
    phone box
    wheat field

    block flooring

    Steam Roller (VH)
    Hawthorn bonsai (VH)
    snake plant (VH)
    timpano drum (VH)
    basketball hoop (VH)
    high-end stereo (VH)
    dice stereo (VH)

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