I was watching TV so I didn’t play AC until after noon.  Too bad for Joan!  I did end up planting the two packets I have for red turnip seeds though, so I’ll have to find her next week to buy a new one!

Things are pretty much normal around here.  I went to the city, and there were new emotions in the Marquee.  Well, maybe not exactly ‘new’ but different ones than before.  I’m not sure when this changes, but it seems to be either weekly or bi-weekly.  Regardless, I was a little disappointed b/c I wanted to get the Fear emotion that used to be there… but it was gone today.  I re-learned Laughter and Disbelief cuz I like those.

My Gold Trophy arrived in the mail today.  Now I have two golds and one silver trophy.  They are starting to take up space!  I’m getting antsy and I want to completely re-furnish Squirt’s house.  I really wish I had the Tropical Flooring, I had it in my DS game and it’s my favorite!  Maybe someone will sell me one on ACC?  Couldn’t hurt to ask…  Sure is a lot easier than dealing with Sahara!  

OK, I decided to sell my Katie Portraits (because I have two of them and I HATE THEM!) this afternoon.  One kid traded the Portrait for the Tropical Flooring that I’ve been dying for.  HUZZAH!  I ordered all the Beach stuff from Nook so I will have a lovely deserted island room tomorrow.  I also traded the other Portrait for 1.5 million bells.  Yeah I know, I couldn’t believe this kid wanted to give me that much.  But he was legit, gave me the money and I was on my way!  I ended up giving 200K to Twinx and Deb to pay off their loans.  I left 99K for Dan so he could pay his measly 18,400 bells and save the rest.  Everybody wins!  I’ll have to remember to log in to each of them tomorrow so I can adjust the furniture in their houses!

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