It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week!  And you know what that means, it’s time to visit Crazy Redd!  This week in stock is the Exotic Table (own it), a Dynamic Painting, and a Baby Bed.  I think I need this Baby Bed to get close to finishing the Nursery Series.  I gotta say though, I think it’s kind of annoying how Redd always gives me Invitation cards when I leave his place.  I don’t want/need these stupid things!  Is there any way to make him stop??

Its Gracie!
It's Gracie!

GASP!  I stepped into GracieGrace, and lo and behold the Fashionista is there waiting for me!  She first wanted to do a little gossiping:  “That slice of gorgeous was from New Poly.  Her name was Tequila, I believe.”  Gotta tell Tequila that, she’ll appreciate it lol!  OK time for her to rate my current ensemble, which is my ‘native’ costume.  

“…Oh.  I see you’ve decided to make native a central theme to your ensemble.  …I guess those shoes aren’t bad, either…  Honey, some people neglect footwear fashion, but you’re doing OK.  Well, one thing is certain.  You’ve been working hard to stay on the fabulous forefront of style.  You’ve got that fire, honey.  You’ve earned yourself 10% off my entire line today.  Treat yourself to something fabulous.  You deserve to be turning heads, darling.”

Sweet!  Gracie thinks I’m cool.  And I actually have some bells on me right now, so I can actually buy stuff.  I got the Pink Argyle shirt and the Orange Pinstripe for pretty cheap!  Hooray!

I dont speak Japanese...
I don't speak Japanese...

OH!  I forgot to write about what ELSE happened last night, after Wisp came.  I went on a far-away voyage to JAPAN!  I met up with my friend Meg from the town of Friendly.  She speaks very good english, and is very nice too!  While I was visiting, two Japanese friends came to visit.  (Their names are Dice and Chokomaru – not that I can read their names, but Meg told me what their names are in english lol!)  We played Hide and Seek (I lost, it was tough!) and tried catching each other in our nets for a while!  It was pretty funny.  We also went to the Museum and had a discussion about language.  I explained what LOL stands for, since she didn’t know!  And I learned that in Japan, if you type ‘w’ or several ‘www’ at the end of a sentence, it is their version of saying lol, or lolololol, etc.  So I learned some Japanese!  Well, not really.

Learning some Japanese
Learning some Japanese

My new friends also gave me a Red Ogre Mask and a Blue Ogre Mask.  These items are Japan exclusive, from a Japanese holiday called “Bean Day.”  Meg explained to me that in Japan, when you play hide and seek, the person who I would normally refer to as “it” is called the “ogre” in Japan.  Interesting, right?  

We all have Gold Axes!
We all have Gold Axes!

Soon after, Meg had to go.  But that doesn’t mean the fun stopped!  I added Dice and Chokomaru to my friend roster, and invited them to come over and complete the Town Charm in Shaolin.  They came, even though neither of them speak english very well.  It’s ok, we were able to communicate!  We went to the beach so I could show off my house.  When they saw the Resetti model, they were very excited!  And I just happened to have 2 spare Resetti’s.  So I decided to give them to my new friends!  And then they just started dropping all KINDS of Japanese items!  I have no idea what some of them are or what they are supposed to be, but they are cool!

Theres a UFO in Chokomarus town!
There's a UFO in Chokomaru's town!

And finally, last thing I did last night was visit Chokomaru’s town.  It was so nice!  He had really cool patterns laid down for paths.  He wanted me to come down to the beach to see something.  I got a little lost but when I made my way down to him, I saw what was such a big deal… there was a UFO that had crash-landed on the beach!  Gulliver was fretting around as well.  

Chokomaru was trying to get Gulliver in his net!
Chokomaru was trying to get Gulliver in his net!

Side Note:  I’ve been able to post a lot of photos lately, because I love taking pictures, and I finally figured out how to load them onto my computer!  Unfortunately, my SD card has been acting up and my Wii isn’t recognizing it as well.  So… maybe I’ll be able to continue posting photos.  But maybe it will go back to one per day, if I can’t figure out this problem!

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