Pond Smelt Tourney

Before I get into today's blog, I just wanted to share that Shaolin has a new resident.  I'm not pleased.  She moved in next door to Rowan (in Margie's old spot) and she's fugly.  Well, not as bad as Elise, but she's pretty gross nonetheless. Yeah that's right, it's Bella the Pimple Queen.  Blah.  Somebody …

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Me too, Chester!  I just recently discovered that there was new JP DLC announced:   アニパーサリーケーキ.  When sounded out, this katakana spells "anniversary cake"!  Which means that this is probably the same DLC we'll be receiving in the USA around the same time (mid-November, maybe the 17th?).  It's pretty cute, so even if you can't …

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