Tuesday – PM Wisp!

At 8:30 PM I turned my game on, expecting to have to search for Wisp.  Squirt checked the mail, then walked maybe 4 steps.  Squirt’s house is in the south east side of Shaolin, down by the beach, in case you’re wondering.  A voice asked for Squirt to come closer.  Another two steps, and Wisp appeared!  

Its a ghost!!!
It's a ghost!!!

Wisp started asking if Squirt had seen a lamp.  An empty lamp, which was important to him.  He said he would search for it himself, but he was afraid… of ghosts.  What?  I thought he was a ghost!  I’m totally confused.  But Squirt also happens to have two empty lamps, because he found one a while back but forgot to look for Wisp at night.  So now I have two, and hopefully I’ll be able to get two wishes instead of one!  We’ll see…

Why is a ghost scared of ghosts?
Why is a ghost scared of ghosts?

Up in the attic, Squirt opened his pockets.  There were still two lamps in there.  But one of them said “empty lamp” and the other said “magic lamp”!  So I guess there won’t be two wishes after all.  But I guess I have a backup if I run into Wisp sometime and I can’t find the lamp?  Seems kind of unlikely…

Time for my wish!
Time for my wish!

Now, it’s time for the ultimate question.  What do I want Wisp to do?  Get rid of all the weeds in town?  Smash roaches?  Or give me stuff?  I think I’m pretty good about picking my own weeds.  There are definitely no roaches in anyone’s house.  So I guess I’m going for the item… although I heard it’s not really anything rare at all!

Wisp asked if I want furniture, a hat, accessory or clothes.  Ugh, tough question!  I dunno… I guess I’ll go for furniture, and hope for the best!  OK I got a Bottled Ship!  At least it wasn’t something I already had!

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