Not much going on today.  Peanut’s stuff is all packed up, and she was very sweet.  She said “I know it must have been hard to be friends with me, since I’m all sensitive and stuff.  But thanks.”  I almost feel bad for telling her to leave so rudely a few days ago.  But oh well, I want new neighbors!  Someone COOL!

AM turnip price is 187 bells.  I know I said I wouldn’t check turnip prices anymore, but curiosity got the best of me.

Ugh!  Ruby wanted me to get her a lamp earlier this week.  And just now she tried to get me to buy it from her!  How rude.

I had the pleasure of visiting Higarden again this afternoon!  I got some new stuff, like the Ladybug, a Peacock Butterfly, a Killifish, a Crawfish and a Clownfish.  Not bad!  The fish and bug sections of the museum are finally starting to fill up a bit!  Hooray!

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