The AC Inquirer: Gulliver and the UFO

In every iteration of Animal Crossing, a mysterious and well-traveled character always seems to appear: Gulliver! He’s a loveable, absent minded explorer bird who always seems to be having trouble with his ship. But what kind of vessel does Gulliver truly command? That depends on which AC game you’re playing.

In the original Animal Crossing, Gulliver appears washed up on the beach wearing a sailor suit. He would tell a dramatic story about his adventures at sea and reward a villager just for listening by giving them a rare item. Pretty generous, right?

Skip to 8:30 to see the UFO in action in AC:WW

However, in Animal Crossing: Wild World, something changed. On rare occasions, a strange UFO would appear in the sky. If a villager shot the flying craft with their slingshot, it would come crashing down to the ground! Laying beside the damaged UFO was Gulliver, wearing an astronaut suit instead of a sailor suit. He offers zero explanation as to why he has… changed careers. All he asks is that you help him by collecting lost parts to repair his spacecraft. In exchange, he would give you one of his exotic and rare iconic items from different countries around the world.

Villagers of Animal Crossing: City Folk will remember an even faster and more high-tech UFO that sporadically flew through the sky, which could also be shot down with a slingshot. Once again, Gulliver would be found laying unconscious next to the broken spaceship wearing an astronaut suit. And again, he would ask for help finding a particular part to help repair his UFO. Gulliver always offered a rare item from another country in exchange for the assistance.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, things reverted back. For whatever reason, Gulliver began washing up on the beach wearing his sailor suit. There is no mention of a UFO or having a past career sailing through space. Instead, Gulliver would quiz whoever woke him from his ‘slumber’ on the beach with a cultural/geographical question. If answered correctly, Gulliver would send his rare international furniture items. As a strange addition, there was also reports of an unrelated alien TV program that could be seen for a few minutes in the middle of the night, if you left your television on.

Today, things are even stranger in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There have not been any UFO sightings in the sky, but the alien TV program is still seen late night. What’s even more concerning is that Gulliver seems to have been cloned and given an alternate identity. There is ‘normal’ Gulliver, who continues to appear unconscious on the beach in his little sailor suit and when awakened, talks about how he was tossed from his boat and needs your help to fix his phone so that he can reach his crew. If successful, Gulliver sends one of his rare international items, as usual. That’s his basic behavior that we’ve seen in the past. But the alternate clone of Gulliver, or…. Gullivarrr, as he calls himself, is a different sort of sailor. This gull is dressed in pirate garb, has a scallywag talking style, and those who help this scurvy cloned version of Gulliver will receive a pirate themed item instead of his normal worldly goods.

But nobody has really stopped to ask… What the heck?? Why are there two Guillivers? Why does one Gulliver have a strange pirate identity and costume, yet otherwise looks exactly the same as the original sailor Gulliver? If you ask the Animal Crossing Inquirer, the answer is simple.

Gulliver clearly has some kind of unspoken connection or arrangement with the aliens. He had access to their spaceship for years. Maybe he crashed their UFO one too many times, and they decided to come up with another ‘use’ for the clueless Gulliver and started cloning him.

Regardless of where this mysterious gull comes from or how many clones there are of his likeness running around the Animal Crossing world, one thing is for sure. Gulliver is here to spread cultural awareness and share rare collectibles from around the world. That is a pretty noble cause. And if he is being sent here though some weird arrangement with aliens, then those aliens are pretty okay too.

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