Arceus for All!

Well, the votes are in.  You may or may not have participated, but everyone who owns a copy of Pokémon Black and/or White can receive a FREE Legendary Pokémon for their games!  And who is the lucky winner?

Arceus – the Pokémon of Time!

You may remember that I’d blogged about Arceus’ cool cut-scene from the game HeartGold.  Now I can rest easy – I don’t have to transfer that Arceus from my completed Pokédex collection in HeartGold, because now I can download the new Arceus for my Black and White games using the Pokémon Global Link!  Saaaweet!

Arceus is really quite cool for a Legendary.  It’s the most versatile Pokémon because you can change it’s type just by giving it a certain held item – things like the “Fire Plate”, “Water Plate” and so on.  Here’s the details on Arceus, courtesy of  Where you can obtain these plates in Black and White… that I’m not sure about.  I’ll try to find out some info and let you know!

If that wasn’t cool enough for you, there’s ANOTHER Legendary Pokémon for you to get your grubby hands on!  This one is a WIFI Event Pokémon – all you have to do is receive this one as a WIFI Mystery Gift starting February 12th, through your Black and White games.  Who is this Legendary, you ask?


Here’s all the details (provided by Serebii, of course!  They sure on on the ball when it comes to all the breaking info!) on this WIFI Mewtwo.  Not entirely sure why it comes holding a King’s Rock, as I don’t think that’s an item Mewtwo needs to use, but you can use the King’s Rock to evolve a different Pokémon.  So I guess it’s a good thing!

Phew, ok that’s enough Pokémon news for now.  Besides the fact that I’m waiting IMPATIENTLY for the release of “PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond” which is coming out on February 27th!  OMG IT’S GONNA BE SO COOL!

Also, just wanted to mention that I recently subscribed to a UK magazine (through the iPad’s Newsstand) called “Nintendo Gamer” and it’s really cool.  The issues are a little pricey, but there’s about 150 pages per issue and the digital version is beautiful!  I am a “Nintendo Power” subscriber too, but I thought it would be nice to get a different perspective from across the pond as well.  And I can’t help but feel as though NP is written more for a younger audience, while NG is geared more towards adult gamers.  I’ll let you know what cool UK insights I might find from this new mag!  🙂

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