Upcoming Awesomeness

Like the rest of you, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release dates for upcoming titles like Animal Crossing 3D and Paper Mario 3D.  Not to get your hopes up – there still aren’t any official release dates for these titles.  Wah.

However, there are a couple of Wii titles that I’m looking forward to, and they actually ARE coming out soon!  Namely:

PokéPark 2 – Release Date: 2/27/12

This game promises to be a vast improvement over the original title in this Pokémon spin-off series.  Not only will we be able to play as Pikachu, but the Unova starters also play a major role in this game!  There will be battles in addition to the regular mini games, and of course more adorable areas to explore!  I can’t wait to start playing and sharing my photos with you all.  🙂

Mario Party 9 – Release Date: 3/11/12

The newest Mario Party game looks like it’s going to be awesome!  The creators re-vamped the gameplay and added a ton of new mini games to enjoy.  I like how they added Boss Battles to the game, and how you travel around the board with your competitors.  I think it will make for an interesting twist on the original formula.  Can’t wait!

So these Wii titles will have to tide me over until some new 3DS games are finally released.  Be assured that when we do finally get some more info on AC3DS, I’ll be all over it!  I’ll post as much info as I can find.  As of now the only update on the release date for AC3DS is GameStop’s list, which currently says May 2nd.  However, you might remember my old GameStop list said Jan 2nd for AC3DS, and that didn’t happen.  So I don’t think GameStop knows what they are talking about lol!  But I’ll keep looking.  Until then…  toodles!

One thought on “Upcoming Awesomeness

  1. Thanks for the update!! I didn’t get to play PokePark 1 but I love the different Pokemon games like that (besides the RPG Pokemon games.) Did you ever play Pokemon Stadium? Those mini games were fun! And who could forget Hey You, Pikachu? I really like Pokemon Snap too! I still have all of them! I’m definitely looking forward to Mario Party 9 … always been a fan of that series! I think Bumper Balls is my all-time favorite mini-game (MP2)! Keep us updated if you hear anything on AC3DS 🙂

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