Glux Blog Updates!

Hello everyone!  Today was a great day.  The NY Giants won the SUPERBOWL!  And while watching the big game, I was playing Pokémon White and really making some progress in completing my National Pokédex.  Huzzah!

Click "Add to Home Screen" to download the app!

Another project I’ve been working on (while anxiously awaiting the release of PokéPark Wii 2 later this month) I decided to give my blog some upgrades.  You probably already noticed the new header and background images.  It’s still kind of a work in progress but I think it looks pretty cool so far!

In addition to the regular website, I also added a really cool feature!  If you have an iPad, you can now download The Glux Blog iPad App.  All you have to do is visit using the Safari browser on your iPad, and then click on the little settings button.  Choose “Add to Home Screen” and voila!  Now you have a really awesome new app!  And it’s FREEEEEE!!  🙂  Disclaimer:  I don’t know if this also works for iPhones.  I didn’t get a chance to try it out on an iPhone to see if it works the same way.  But I doubt it would, because the WordPress menu says it’s specifically for iPad.  But if someone wants to try it out and let me know, that’d be super!  lol

I really hope you’ll check it out.  Grab your friend’s iPad if you must!  It looks really swanky, like something you’d download from the App Store, or the Newsstand.  Yeahhhhh I’m really proud of it hehe!

For those of you who, like me, are Facebook junkies, I also decided to create a Glux Blog Fan Page.  Please “like” me on Facebook for random updates, photo shares and other fun Nintendo related stuff!  And of course I will be posting my latest blog entries on the Facebook page, so you won’t miss a thing!

Here’s a random bit of games-related news to post.  If you don’t have a 3DS you might not know about this, but there’s a feature called Nintendo Zone that allows you to download exclusive content from specific WIFI Hot Spots.  One of these Hot Spots is at most Best Buy retail locations.  There was a special promotion (although today was the very last day) where you could buy certain 3DS titles at 50% off.  JDubz and I went to Best Buy to take advantage of the deal before it expired.  We decided to each buy the game “Asphalt 3D” which is a car racing game.  Honestly I know nothing about it, but we figured it would be cool because we can race each other and there’s a StreetPass function to it.  We are obsessed with StreetPass!

Anyway, so the special 50% off deal required that you present your 3DS, which had a coupon UPC code for the sales associate to scan, at the register.  When JDubz and I went to make our purchases, the girls at the counter had NO IDEA what we were doing, they couldn’t scan the codes, and it was an overall headache.  Of course we demanded the manager and got our discounts anyway, but seriously… wtf Best Buy?  How can they be hosting a Nintendo Zone WIFI coupon, and yet none of the people who work there know anything about the offers?  It was really lame.  I’m going to call Best Buy tomorrow and let them know that they should keep their workers informed!

Since that offer expires today, that means there could be a new Nintendo Zone coupon or deal starting tomorrow!  Also, I heard that there will be downloadable episodes of the Pokémon Animated Series in the February update for Nintendo Zone.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  I’ll try to get to another Hot Spot soon so I can see what’s new!  And of course I’ll keep you all informed.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Glux Blog Updates!

  1. I noticed the header right away, it looks really cool! Sentiment to older gaming times hehe. Really liking the new look!

    I dont see a reason to get a 3DS as we dont have all the good stuff. No Nintendo Zone here, at least there wasn’t for the DSi. There was 1 store who had, an hour and a half travel away, which made the costs for those games way too high 😉
    If we had DLC wifi points here, getting a 3DS would be much more tempting. For now i would only get it for Animal Crossing, but that’s just the same over again. After 3 AC games, i think i’ve played that enough. Or did they change a lot in gameplay?

    After i saw your pics on Flickr, of Pokepark 1, i wanted it too, but it’s still full price here (€60, so $78,44) which i dont pay for a game. Games are so expensive here, i only order from the UK… But a new fun game for the Wii might make me use the Wii again. I’m way too much into my xbox360, the Wii and PS3 are being ignored 😉

    Do you have an xbox360 or a PS3?

  2. gluxbox

    Thank you Marise! I understand your opinion on the 3DS, but I think when AC3DS is available you might change your mind! We’re still waiting on details for the newest Animal Crossing game, but everything I’ve read sounds like it’s not a game to be missed!
    I can’t believe PokePark 2 is so expensive in EU! That’s terrible. 😦
    Sorry I don’t play Xbox or PS3… I’m Nintendo exclusive! lol

    1. Not even PokePark 2, it’s 1 that’s still so expensive! Or else i would have tried it, it could have brought me back to the Wii. I’m turning into an xbox exclusive girl 😉
      I just love achievements. When i feel stuck in a game, or when it looks like it just doesnt hurry up, i still see some achievement that makes me want to go on. It’s a good stimulance for me to keep playing 😉
      But the Wii is not completely forgotten. It’s still next to the xbox360 and PS3, and it still makes me smile when i look at it when i walk buy. Kinda sad haha. I do however still always carry my DSlite around, even though i dont play much on it. It just needs to be ther in case i want to. And even the GameCube is still hooked up in the bedroom. It even has the Animal Crossing game in it, ready to play. I might get back to that one, i never finished it up as much as i did the next 2 games…

      Just read your other post and i can tell you, i am not interested in the Wii U at all. The reason i never wanted a 3DS is that i read everywhere you cant play regular DS games in the 3DS. And of course of my eyes, i see less 3D than others. A year ago i took a test and just went to the cinema to see a 3D movie with this new technology (if not i would only loose 17 dollar) and i almost screamed in the cinema! I could see the 3D!! More so than i’ve ever seen haha. And it didnt even bother me as much as my friends who all get headaches from the 3D effect. So i’m a believer. But i would have to check it with somebody if i can see the 3D effect on the 3DS too, as it’s still very expensive here and that’s a bit too much money to test if i can see it hehe.
      After your post i also did a little research and it turns out that you can play DS games on the 3DS, you just need to change screenresolutions by pressing some buttons at the same time. So another reason why the 3DS is not as bad as i thought for me…

  3. I know what you mean about being Nintendo exclusive. Russell loves his PS3 but I’ve only played a couple of games on it (Portal 2–loved it but over in a few days; and LA Noire–great game but I got tired of driving around) so I always go back to the Wii and 3DS. I loved Mario Cart 3D but it was a fast one to finish (soooo much easier than on the Wii for some reason?)

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