Pokémon Rumble Blast Launch Events!

This weekend is going to be exciting!  NYC Comic Con 2011 is already ongoing, and I plan on stopping by tomorrow after work.  JDubs and I are going to check out a special Pokémon Gaming Lounge that is going to have demos of “Pokémon Rumble Blast” a week before the game is available to the public!  We are psyched.  Here’s all the details, in case you happen to live around NYC and want to join in.  Or if you’re just jealous.  Hehhehe.

I really hope I don’t have to work on October 23rd, because then I can go to the second event – held at the Nintendo World Store – which seems awesome!  You can buy the game a day early, there’s gonna be giveaways and most likely StreetPasses galore!  Not to mention a very good chance to fill up some holes in my Pokédex 3D game.

Here’a link to a press release about this weekend’s event, in case you want ALL the details:  http://press.nintendo.com/articles.jsp?id=31050

So that’s some upcoming excitement for me!  I will try to take a lot of pictures and I’ll blog about everything when I get back.  Yay funtimes!

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