Why You Need a 3DS

Lately I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they don’t want/need a 3DS.  Even despite the ridiculous price cut, people still aren’t as interested in the 3DS as Nintendo would like.  I often wonder why that is, especially considering how people are DYING to get the Wii U.  Is HD gaming really the only thing gamers are interested in these days?  I think the lack of interest in the 3DS is due to poor marketing, and the fact that none of the most awesome features are being explained to the public.

Penny Arcade on the 3DS


Here are my Top 10 Reasons to Get a 3DS System:

  1. Nintendo Zone.  This feature is new and exclusive to the 3DS, due to it’s portability.  All you have to do is bring your 3DS with you to a designated retailer or restaurant which hosts the Nintendo Zone, and you are able to access exclusive Nintendo content, videos and even special offers (like my 50% off discount at Best Buy which I blogged about previously).
  2. Free Apps.  Specifically Pokédex 3D, Swapnote and Netflix.  (Obv you need a paid subscription to Netflix for that one to work, though.)  I’m pretty sure I’ve already discussed how cool Pokédex 3D is… I mean, I can take a 3D photo of a Pokémon in my HAND!  Or posed in some funny way!  Maybe I should take a few minutes to take some new Pokémon AR photos.  Swapnote is the newest free app available, and it’s really cute!  You can write notes to your friends, LAYERED IN 3D!  There’s cute stationery, you can attach a photo or even a sound clip!
  3. Super Mario 3D Land.  If you are a true Nintendo fan, you need to play this game!  The latest Mario installment takes the game to the next level with robust 3D graphics, intense gameplay, 3D images that you can save to your SD card, and the Special World mode!  (Spoiler Alert:  Luigi comes to upstage Mario in this game!)
  4. Nintendo eShop.  Did you play Super Mario Land back in the early 90’s?  Have you ever wished you could revisit that time in your life, but with the ability to actually PAUSE and SAVE your game?  Back when the Game Boy game was available, you had to beat the entire game in one sitting.  You couldn’t save.  However, when you download Virtual Console version of this game from the eShop, you can SAVE YOUR GAME!  It’s like a miracle!  The eShop’s library is constantly getting new ‘vintage’ titles for a fraction of their original cost, including 3D versions of popular favorites from back in the day!
  5. Import Your Mii’s.  I’m lazy.  I didn’t feel like making a ton of new Mii’s to populate my Mii Plaza on my 3DS.  Luckily for me, you can transfer any/all/some of your Mii’s that you downloaded or created on the Wii and put them on your 3DS!  I love effortless things.  And now I can pose all my Mii’s in a lovely portrait using my AR Cards!
  6. 3D Video.  There was a big system update at the end of 2011, and in that update was the ability to record 3D videos!  Each video you record can be up to ten minutes long.  Imagine the 3D possibilities!
  7. Mario Kart 7.  Do I really need to explain how epic the newest MK game is?  You can fly through the sky, submerge into the sea, and continue to whoop your friends’ butts, without the confusion of turning a Wii Wheel!  The 3DS’ control pad makes MK7 a lot easier to drive, and the game play is more reminiscent of the N64 and GC versions.  And did I mention that you can form racing communities and battle your friends on WiFi?
  8. You Can Turn OFF the 3D.  Some people may not like 3D.  They say it hurts their eyes or somethin’.  Personally, I don’t have any problem with 3D but everyone’s different.  What many people don’t realize is that you can turn OFF the 3D.  Or just turn it down really low.  Or leave it on for 15 minutes til your eyes hurt, then turn off the 3D.  It doesn’t affect game play, the 3D is really only there to enhance your experience!  It’s up to you how you want to use it.
  9. New Games are in 3D.  All the newest DS games worth playing are going to be on the 3DS.  With Animal Crossing 3DS, Paper Mario 3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and many other anticipated titles on the horizon, now is the time to get this amazing console!  And it’s inevitable, I’m sure GameFreak will be making a 3D Pokémon game (one that is not Rumble Blast, I should say) that will blow all the previous Pokémon games out of the water.  Don’t miss out!
  10. STREETPASS!  I am obsessed with StreetPass.  You take your 3DS with you wherever you go, then when you see a green light flashing… YOU GOT A STREETPASS!  It’s always so exciting for me.  Who did I get?  Have I met them before?  There are two games in StreetPass Plaza.  You can complete Puzzles by exchanging puzzle pieces with people via StreetPass.  Or you can play the epic Find Mii II game, where you take your newly acquired Mii friends and battle against ghosts, slimes, ghouls and monsters!  That’s not enough for you?  Then I should probably mention that most 3DS games also have a StreetPass feature – you can get powerup’s in Super Mario 3D Land.  Race ghosts of other people in Mario Kart 7.  Trade items in Harvest Moon: ToTT 3D.  It’s just so freaking cool.

How could anyone NOT want this??

OK, challenge me.  Tell me why you STILL don’t want a 3DS.  I’d like to hear your reasons!  And don’t just give me that whole region-locked excuse.  If you are rich enough to afford buying Japanese games from Japanese websites (and paying outrageous shipping costs), then you can afford a Japanese 3DS too lol!

12 thoughts on “Why You Need a 3DS

  1. I love mine! I just started playing with Swapnote (because of your recommendation). I have an iPhone and I NEVER play the games anymore–they get boring really quickly. I love playing with my 3DS. The 3D photos are incredible. And I never get the eye strain that my iPhone gives me. Hmmm…Apple should make a 3D version!

  2. Apart frm the fact hat idont know if i can see the 3D, a reason for me would be that here int he Netherlands we dont get most of your cool things. That’s the one thing that really pisses me off with the xbox360 too.
    Netflix? Yeah right, hell freezes over when we get that here. Ther is talk that it’s coming to the UK, great for them, but i dont see us getting it anytime soon. Although as soon as it hits these shores, sign me up!
    Nintendo Zone? Yeah, not anywhere near here either.
    And then there’s the fact that.. *cough* … skip this part Debby… *whisper*i’mnotreallyintopokémon*/whisper*

    I was however surprised by the fact that you can turn the 3D off. I didnt know that, that is actually a big plus for me to eventually get one after all.
    Thanks for the info!

    1. gluxbox

      Sorry, that sucks that you don’t get all the same features in the EU! I bet you can still get SpotPass content from NoE though. I hope you’ll consider getting a 3DS, at least for when the next AC comes out! New info about the upcoming game has surfaced, I’ll post another blog about it soon.

  3. Got my US 3DS. and my JP 3DS (that doesn’t make me rich btw, just obsessed–still trying to get the hubby to buy another so we can play Monster Hunter 3G together.) And unless you’re buying on ebay or something, usually you don’t get the JP 3ds from Japanese websites. You can’t get it from amazon.co.jp. They won’t ship it to the U.S. You have to go through Hong Kong and get it via play-asia.com or the like. The games are expensive, but if you don’t mind waiting, the shipping can be surprisingly cheap (three or four dollars).

    Sadly Japan gets better games than we do. I don’t even know if Monster Hunter 3G will come out here, and it’s so much fun! I have Theatrhythm Final Fantasy preordered as well as the new Harvest Moon. I can’t wait! Next month the new Pokémon Nobunaga game comes out as well. American 3DS forecast? Not nearly as fun IMO.

    Oh! and the slide pad for the 3DS will probably flop here, but I got it for Monster Hunter. Yes it’s bulky, and the 3DS doesn’t fit in my purse nearly as well, but it comes with its own AAA battery so it doesn’t seem to affect the 3DS and it works wonderfully and actually feels pretty good in your hands. They’re region locked as well though. JP slide pad only works with JP 3DS.

    1. gluxbox

      Haha I wasn’t implying anything about you specifically… 😉

      You’ll have to tell me all about that new Pokemon game when you get it! Would you consider writing a guest blog about it? When does the new HM come out in Japan?

      JDubz is gonna get the slide pad to use with Kid Icarus. I’ll probably skip it – I’d have to take off my beloved Nerf 3DS armor! lol

      Btw, off topic, but have you ever played Monster Galaxy on the iPad? It’s cute, and similar to Pokemon! You might like it. 🙂

  4. If I didn’t have a 3DS, I certainly would be getting one based on your blog 🙂 Awesome job pointing out the highlights! There is just so much you can do with this system and I’m sure Nintendo has more upgrades and downloads coming out for it … it’s unbelievable! For me and my situation, I love the fact that it’s kind of like a portable Wii. Being a mother to an almost 2 year old, wife and full-time workers, I never get to play my Wii. The 3DS has pretty much taken the place of my Wii because of the convenience of playing anywhere, especially at night in bed after my son goes to sleep 🙂 and I can still play similar games and have the same effect of a Will (just smaller screen) plus additional features (SwapNote, Nintendo Zone). Now I just really need AC3DS and things will be all good! If anything, I really miss that from the Wii.

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