New Pokémon Updates!

Well, I’ve been trying not to be TOO busy lately, but it’s tough.  I’ve got three part time jobs, and I’m SUPER close to beating Kirby Mass Attack.  But just because I have a lot going on doesn’t mean I can’t take the time to read my monthly Nintendo Power and tell you about any interesting news that I might discover!

So today, there’s some things you should know about Pokémon if you haven’t heard them already!

Pokemon News
Pokemon News!
  1. Pokémon Rumble Blast is coming out in 20 days!  SQUEEEEEEE!!!
  2. PGL Update!  On September 28th, the PGL added a new area to explore, called the Spooky Manor.  There’s a new mini game in this haunted area, and you can befriend many more ghost-types to send to your Black and White games!
  3. Speaking of befriending ghost-type Pokémon, there’s an exclusive Banette that you can download from the PGL by entering the code “NPCHARACTER” in the Promotions area.  This Banette is special because it has the move Cotton Guard, which raises defense!  (Though personally I don’t need a reason to download any exclusive Pokémon.  I just gotta catch em all!)
  4. If you didn’t see it already, there has been a slight update to the Pokédex 3D app for 3DS users.  To download the update, open the Pokédex and click on the Menu (gear button).  Scroll down and there is an Update button to click on.  This update will unlock features that have previously been somewhat impossible to get, because they require you to have a set number of stickers in your sticker book.  I say this somewhat impossible because I have been stuck on 120 of 120 Pokémon in my ‘Dex…  I don’t get anymore Pokémon via SpotPass, and I can’t use markers to download the missing entries.  So I don’t know how I’m supposed to get them all.  Oh well, at least this update allows me to play with all the extra features (such as a pause button, an action button, etc!)
Since Halloween is coming up, I think it’s cool that the PGL opened up a haunted house.  I love this holiday!  It’s so fun, I might even take the time to play with Jack the Pumpkin King in ACCF!  Do you have any fun Halloween plans?  There’s a section in Nintendo Power magazine where they ask you to submit your Nintendo related fan photos and such.  I am going to try my best to take some Halloween themed AR photos and share them with you!  If you have a cute photo of your Mii in a pumpkin patch, or maybe just a great photo from Halloween in ACCF, please share them with me on Twitter!  I’ll put them on the blog for everyone to see!  🙂

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