Pokemon Tournaments and Giveaways!

Though I’m sure nobody minds that Animal Crossing: New Leaf blog entries seem to have taken over this blog… I thought it might be smart to keep posting about other Nintendo games as well.  I don’t want to torture all of you who are desperately awaiting a release date for the English version of ACNL!  So I’m going to stick with the weekly newsletter format for Wasabi.  I think it makes more sense because I clearly don’t have the time to post about my town daily anyway!

Let’s take a brief pause from Animal Crossing and talk about all the cool things that are going on in the world of Pokemon!

Tournament Announced: 2013 Winter Friendly

The latest tournament series has been announced for Pokemon B/W2.  (Pretty sure you can participate with the original B&W games too.)  This Tournament is called the 2013 Winter Friendly, and registration is open from 2/7 – 2/14.  The actual Tournament will take place from 2/15 – 2/18.  This international competition is open to all regions, with the exception of Japan and South Korea.  The format will be a Rotation Battle (cool!) and the only banned Pokemon is Chatot (…why?!?!).  An entry gift will be given to all participants – a Micle berry.  I’m very excited to check this out, as I’ve missed the past few tournaments, and this is the first Rotation Battle competition held outside of Japan.

In addition, for those with a Japanese copy of B/W2, there is a new Tournament announced called the Kanto Cup.  Registration is 2/15 – 2/22 and the Tournament runs from 2/23 – 2/25.  As you might guess from the title, only Kanto region Pokemon will be allowed to participate, with the exception of Mew and Mewtwo.  Battle format will be standard Single Battle, and the participation gift is the big selling point (at least for me) here – Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard C-Gear Skins!

Why don’t we get more awesome C-Gear skins in North America??!?!?  😦

Information about both Tournaments can be found here on Serebii.

Meloetta In-Store Mystery Gift

We’ve waited long enough, now we can finally download a Mystery Gift in Pokemon B/W2 to receive the Legendary Pokemon Meloetta!  This event has been announced for the USA and Canada.  In the US you can download this Mystery Gift from your local GameStop, and Canadian players can find Meloetta at EB Games.  The event will run from 3/4 – 3/24 so don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

Once you have your Meloetta, the fun doesn’t end there!  Pokemon Black and White 2 has an in-game event if you take your Meloetta to the Cafe in Castelia City.  Doing so will unlock a scene and will allow Meloetta to learn an exclusive move called Relic Song, which allows Meloetta to change forme in battle.  For more details, click here.


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