King Squirt’s Birthday Party!

Yesterday was King Squirt’s Birthday Party. Thank you to everyone who came and made this day special! I took over 50 photos this weekend, so I don’t think it would be sensible to show them all. But I will post here a photo-log of all my favorite moments of the day!

Twinx set up the Gate area for the party! Thanks, Twinx. 😛
12 PM: Sorami and Bella arrive for the first party!
Bella asked, "Should I... eat the cake?"
5:30 PM: Hery comes to visit. Sorry, I was delayed in opening my gate for this time slot. 😦
9PM: Kate and Orenji come to Shaolin and get a grand tour!
Kate, Orenji and the King on the Lighthouse
King Squirt plays a prank on his visitors! MUAHAHAHA! *evil laugh*
11PM: Chokomaru and Orenji eat cake, while Miao and the King watch! lol
12AM: Vella stops by to have the last piece of cake!
The After-Party
The After-Party: Vella blows bubbles, Hery reveres his silver fishing rod, and King Squirt falls on his face to release the balloons!

Of course, these are just a small sample of all the photos I took yesterday during the Party!  You’ll have to go to my Flickr Photostream to see the rest!

Thank you to all my friends for all the fabulous gifts!  King Squirt received so many wonderful items, you might notice that my “Countdown to Retirement” list has gotten a lot shorter over the weekend!  Now I only need some Gyroids, a couple of Nook Point Items, and the rest of the Gulliver series.  If you have some of these items, please feel free to send them over to Squirt!  😀

I’d just like to issue an apology regarding the 5PM Party Time Slot.  I went out grocery shopping in the afternoon and was late getting back home.  I wasn’t able to open my gate until 5:25ish.  So if anyone missed that party because the gate was not open at the correct time, I’m very sorry!  Don’t worry, you’ll still have a chance to visit Shaolin when it’s time for Squirt’s Retirement Party.  Don’t worry, it’s not happening yet.  I’ll give everyone advance notice about that.  But I do have to say, I won’t be having an all-day party for his Retirement.  It’s too much work.  😛

Squirt isn’t retiring yet, so don’t get all upset!  LOL and my next character, (the one with my name) Deb will be ready to take over all blogging and daily town chores after that, so the Shaolin Town Blog will continue!  XD

6 thoughts on “King Squirt’s Birthday Party!

    1. gluxbox

      No, actually an empty heart means that we’ve both added each other, but we haven’t actually visited each other yet! So we are set to go if we can coordinate a time, lol! Try the meebo chat widget on the right sidebar to contact me! 🙂

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