The Photo Shoot!

Since the Dimentio Mask HDLC issue is pretty much widespread, I’ve decided not to stress about it.  Hopefully Nintendo will know a work around.  Anyway, I had arranged to host a little Photo Shoot with some ACUKE buddies – Vella, Jed and Ifetayo.  I ordered a bunch of costumes that matched the themes I had in my rooms.  Here are my favorites:

Tomb Room
Tomb Room

Models in this photo (from the left) are:  Squirt as King Tut, Ifetayo as The Mummy, Vella as The Explorer, and Jed as King Tut.

Kudos to Vella for her excellent acting ww!

Outer Space
Outer Space

Models in this photo (from the left) are:  Squirt as Samus, Ifetayo as a Spaceman, Vella is the Sleepy Alien, and Jed is a Spaceman.

Pirate Attack!
Pirate Attack!

Models in this photo (from the left) are:  Vella as the Sailor, Ifetayo as a Pirate, Squirt as the Captain, and Jed as a Pirate.

Japanese Room
Japanese Room

Models in this photo (from the left) are:  Jed wearing a Samurai Wig, Ifetayo as a Ninja, Squirt in a Samurai Suit, and Vella as a Geisha Girl.

Construction Site
Construction Site

Models in this photo (from the left) are:  Ifetayo as a Construction Worker, Vella as the Superstar Visitor, Jed as the um… Cow Bone, and Squirt as the Distracted Construction Worker.

I really liked this pic b/c I managed to snap the video just as the menu was disappearing after I clicked the Blushing emotion.  You can still kind of see Squirt’s hand behind his head.  It was funny at the time!  Whatever.  😛

It was a fun time!  Thanks to everyone who participated!  I don’t think I’ll be organizing another event like that for a while, but I’d be happy to attend one!  Hehehe!  Now that the Photo Shoot is done, I’m going to clear out some of these rooms and create new themes.  Since the Flea Market is coming up, I figured I’ll let the townies pick off the furniture they want.  Maybe I’ll put all the highest priced items in my main room, like the Moon.  That thing’s gotta sell for big bucks right?  lol

In other news, it seems that the elusive Piranha has disappeared from the rivers of Shaolin.  I’ve been searching for days and I haven’t been able to catch any!  Does anyone know what time of day is best to look for these stupid fish?  Are they out when it’s raining?  I mean, this fish isn’t even supposed to be rare.  What gives??  I’ve even been walking around with a Four-Leaf Clover in my hair for good measure.  I guess the game just *knows* that I want a piranha, so it’s going to make me search forever!

2 thoughts on “The Photo Shoot!

  1. The photo shoot was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see your new rooms.

    Can neighbors even afford the moon? That thing would sell for big bucks.

    I’m sorry about the piranha. Have you tried catching one in Japan? 😉

  2. I think best time for piranha are mid-day…maybe noon to 3PM or so. And they are only in the “pond” a.k.a. the big lake area in your river. Hope that helps!

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