HalloSTREAM Party

Looking for something fun to do, safe in your home on Halloween Night?

Join me and my bestie CarneyVorous on Twitch for a HalloSTREAM Party!

I made this campy promotion video to help spread the word about the party! I’m going to be at Carney’s house and we’ll be partying on her Twitch Channel so please give her a follow while you’re at it.

Activities planned for the party:

  • Costumes, of course
  • Halloween Treats!!
  • Animal Crossing Halloween
  • Horror Games
  • Bloody Drinks
  • and more….?!?!??!

Carney and I are both not fans of horror games, but she’s a real SCREAM when she plays them on Twitch so I decided to be brave and join her in playing some horror games for the sake of the party!!

So please come hold our hands and tell us everything will be ok… lol

The fun begins at 6pm EST on Halloween!

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