Many Holidays!

Resetti was FUMING!

Squirt got in trouble last week because I accidentally turned off the Wii without saving.  It doesn’t happen often, but when I do see Resetti it’s usually pretty funny.  He called Squirt a big baby for resetting the game.  I tried to explain that it was an ACCIDENT, I wasn’t trying to cheat or anything…  but rules are rules, I guess!  lol

Northern Lights

Have any of you readers out there been watching the Olympics?  Did you see the Northern Lights in the Opening Ceremony?  I immediately thought of Animal Crossing when I saw the aurora borealis being recreated on stage!  😛  This ‘light show’ occured on 2/13, when Squirt was on his way to visit Japan!  He was going to visit オレンジ and to pick up a copy of the new JP DLC:  the Emperor’s Cap!

Squirt is the Emperor KING!

We had a good laugh about how Squirt looked wearing the Emperor’s Cap and the King’s Beard.  We laughed even more when Orenji’s friend ときーさん entered the town, ALSO wearing a King’s Beard!

Nice Beards!

It was very nice to visit Japan once again!  I had not visited Orenji’s town in a while so it was a lot of fun to hang out!  ありがとうございます オレンジーさん!

The next day was Valentine’s Day!  While I had plans with my RL Valentine ❤ I did manage to log in and find out who was crushing on Squirt this year.  He had sent some hybrid flowers to Agent S in hopes of gaining her love.  So he was very pleased to discover this Valentine Card in his mailbox:

V-Day Card

But then when Squirt talked to Agent S later that day, she said that she didn’t think she’d ever find the right guy for her…?  Squirt was so distraught by what Agent S said that he didn’t even remember to get his special cup of hot cocoa from Brewster, which is only available on Valentine’s Day!  Oh well, there was no time to dwell on this because the following day was FESTIVALE!

Viva Festivale!

Confetti filled the air, and Deb decided to log in and participate in Festivale because she hadn’t experienced it yet.  For those of you out there who might have their dates turned back and haven’t done Festivale this year, here’s a little reminder of how the event works:

  • You will need a LOT of candy.  Many people find that the best strategy for this is to simply stock up on candy during Halloween.
  • First, you must go and speak with Pavé, who will tell you what color candy he wants at the current time.
  • Second, you gather the candy (if you were lucky enough to have the right color) and give it to Pavé.  Don’t forget (cuz I did!) that Pavé will only accept THREE of whatever color he requested!  He’s not cool like Jack was on Halloween, Pavé is very picky and demanding!
  • If you did not have the right color candy, then it’s time to play some games with the townies!  Most people agree that it makes life easier if you follow this strategy:
    • Push any townies you find into the area around the Town Hall.  Dig holes around the townies so that they can’t escape.
    • Invite friends over to help you!  Pavé gives a LOT of repeats so get all the help you can!
    • Be careful, the games you play with the townies are all CHANCE.  If you lose, they will either take a candy from your pocket or take 500 bells!  Be prepared.
    • You can’t play games with the same townie twice.  You must go to a different townie before returning to one you’d spoken with before.

Deb tried to collect as much of the Pavé Series as she could, but doing it all on her own got a bit tedious.  Plus I already have the full set so I wasn’t really trying that hard.  But then later that day, I logged in as Squirt to send some mail to my sister.  That was when I discovered one last tip about Festivale:  WEAR A MATCHING COSTUME!

Squirt's Costume

King Squirt wears this outfit everyday (as you well know) so he didn’t even think about the fact that he was wearing a costume.  But when he talked to any townie roaming around, they would comment that they liked his costume and gave him FREE CANDY!  So that’s an extra way to earn a few pieces of candy without even trying.

Here is Twinx’s newly updated Pavé Room, complete with the new Pavé Clock EU DLC that was released recently!

Pavé Room

It’s not exactly the coolest furniture series, but I don’t mind it as much as SOME people do.  😉 Hehehehe!

Before I go, in some general Shaolin News, I changed the pathway that leads to the Museum so that it is now lined with K.K. Slider songs.  They are really cute and I think it looks nice.  What do you guys think?

New MuseoPath

And finally, someone has decided to leave Shaolin.  Peaches, the clown horse, is packing her bags!  She might even be gone already, I didn’t log in to play ACCF yet today.

So long, Peaches.

See ya in the city, Peaches!  We had a good run.  But it’s time for her to go back to the circus!  lol 😛

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