Friday PM

8 PM – No Northern Lights spotted as of yet.  

  • Curly wants a centipede.
  • Cube wants cabin furniture.
  • Rowan has a message for (and a crush on, it seems) Twinx.  “Outfits.”

Twinx paid off her second house loan, with a little help from Squirt.  Hooray!  Now there’ll finally be some room in her house for a full furniture set.  I haven’t quite decided what I want to do with each house yet, but I think I’ll let her display the Harvest Series for the time being.  At least that will give me something to do tomorrow while Nook’s is closed!  I know he won’t be slacking off when it comes to building Twinx’s house expansion!

Peanut keeps saying she wants to move away but I think I convinced her to stay.  For the time being at least.

PM turnip price is 67 bells.  Looks like I made the right decision selling this morning!  

My friend in Udrigle sent me a letter saying that the Northern Lights appeared in her town at 11:45 PM.  Maybe I should look then?  I’ll keep looking while I try to sell as much stuff as I can before Nook closes.  

Hmm, I just did a delivery for Jambette to Ruby.  Now remember, Ruby had just asked me to get her a danger shirt yesterday, which I did.  She was wearing that shirt all day.  Then I delivered Jambette’s package, which was a shirt as well.  Ruby put it on without delay!  All that trouble to get the danger shirt and she didn’t even wear it for more than a day.  How ungrateful!  LOL.

8:52 PM – Northern Lights spotted!  Cool!  They are like wavy glowing lines in the sky!  I took a picture, but I already used my daily photo email, so I can’t upload it.  😦  I really need an SD card reader!!!  It looks very pretty, I’ll upload the pic as soon as I can!  It looks like the colors in the sky are changing and the stars are sparkling, it’s so nice.  Very excellent new feature to this game.  I wonder how long it will last…

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