Good Times at Nintendo World

Hi again!  This past weekend I went with my bf JDubs to the Nintendo World Store in NYC!  He’d never been there before, so it was extra fun to take him for the first time.

Star Fox Glux

First thing we noticed was a Star Fox photo op thingy!  Of course I had to jump in there and practice my “make a stupid face” photo modeling techniques.

We went through the Pokémon floor, which is the bottom floor of the store.  I showed him the super cute Pikachu DSi charging stand, which is awesome but I can’t use it with my Nerf armor.  JDubs got me a SWEET green Nerf armor for my 3DS and I am SO HAPPY!  I’ll take a picture and show you guys later…. (I’m at work now lol)

Next we went upstairs where I found an amazingly cute Kirby shirt.  It was a youth-sized shirt but I managed to find one that fits me and it’s ADORABLE!  Again… photo pending.  I didn’t take a pic at the time lol.  It’s so great tho, you’ll all be jealous.

As we were leaving, we noticed there were giant AR markers on the floor by the entrance.  JDubs took a couple of shots of me attempting to interact with invisible Link and Mario models.  Check it out!  XD

Mario, Me and Link
Link showing me his Rupee.

Innit so cute??  I am still working on taking some cute AR Halloween photos.  Keep on the lookout for that.

Also, I don’t have time to post about this now but there are some exciting festivities coming up at the Nintendo World Store both this weekend (with Comic Con in NYC) and on October 23rd (a pre-release party for Pokémon Rumble Blast) so I will post the info about that when I get a chance.  Hopefully I’ll be able to attend both events too!  I better not have work… *grumble*

OK I’ll post more later!  It was an awesome time and I recommend everyone get their butts over to the Nintendo World Store in NYC!

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