Animal Crossing New Leaf Launch Party at NWS!

OK now that I’m back from my trip to California and Las Vegas, I finally have a chance to catch up on some awesome blogging action for you Glux Blog readers!  First up is full coverage of the Animal Crossing New Leaf Launch Party at the Nintendo World Store in New York City.

June 8th was the big day!  Nintendo announced that they’d be releasing ACNL one day early at the Nintendo World Store, along with an ACNL take-over of the store!  The event was running from 9AM – 1PM.  Obviously I had to be there.  Apparently, so did hundreds of other people!

JDubz and I arrived early, around 7:30AM to get a decent spot in line.  We weren’t in the first 100 sadly (those lucky folks got free ACNL skins for their 3DS) but we had plenty of time to chat with other ACNL fans and check StreetPasses!  We also met up with our friends from StreetPass NYC, including their founder Jordan W. who was dressed up as Resetti and lecturing people in line!

Jordan wasn’t the only one who dressed up.  I’d spent the past week putting together a little cosplay for myself.  I decided to dress up as an Animal Crossing Villager!  Check out my costume!

As you can see, I was sporting the popular BB shirt, some camo shorts, ladder shades and a bug net!  I was SO ready for this!  I wonder how Gracie would have rated me?  (BTW, I do NOT recommend wearing ladder shades EVER in life.  It’s very difficult to see anything, very disorienting and does NOTHING to block the sun from your eyes.  Novelty use ONLY!)

This is the cool 3D window display that they had up at the Nintendo World Store.  HYPE!!  We couldn’t wait to get in.  It wasn’t until sometime after 10AM that we actually made it into the store to get in line to buy all of our stuff.  For the record, I only bought the guide at this event, since I was planning to download a digital copy of the game from the eShop the following day.

As you can imagine, the line inside the store was extremely long.  Luckily, the Nintendo World Store was nice enough to have a free photobooth kiosk set up near the line.  JDubz and I popped in to take a few shots.  They let me do it a second time because I forgot to put my ladder shades down in my photos with JDubz.  I also think they let me do it a second time cuz I was one of only a few people who really went all-out with cosplay for this event lol!

Once we finished our purchases, it was time to have fun with all the activities that were set up in store!  Time for a Photolog!

An ACNL Coloring Wall! Grab a marker and color away! I colored in that lower case “r” in purple… just cause!
Posing with a cut-out train lol!
This was the Bug Catching Booth. Similar to those booths where they throw a bunch of cash to blow around in a booth and you have to grab as much as you can with your hands, this one had little slips of paper with bugs drawn on them. I got an ACNL button for participating!
Blathers’ Matching Game! The NWS Employees put a bunch of fossil drawings face down and we had to match them – just like the Island Tour Matching Game in ACNL!
Fishing with Kapp’n! Magnetic fishing rods were handed to participants, and you had to “fish” for two matching fish that were illustrated on the back of some magnetic “shadows.” It was very cute and harder than it looked!
DJ K.K. was on hand to spin some club music for everyone!
This was a small part of a really cute diorama made to look like a mini version of an Animal Crossing town. It was hand made by NWS employees. So awesome!!!

This was one of the most entertaining launch events that I’ve ever seen at NWS.  Maybe it’s just because I’m so enthused about Animal Crossing, but I really felt they pulled out all the stops for this party.  I’m really happy to see so many people excited to play ACNL too!  And it’s not just girls, plenty of grown men were on line to pick up this game!  I can’t wait to start playing online with everybody!  Now that I’m back from vacation, there will be plenty of time for WIFI gaming!  😀

Just have to put this out there:  StreetPass Long Island is hosting an ACNL Event of our own on Sunday, 6/23!  We are having the event at the beautiful Clark Botanic Gardens from 1-4PM.  We will be handing out Flower Hybrid Guides, a new Hybrid Flower Chart, and of course playing the game together!  I have lots of giveaways from my JP town of Wasabi to give to all gamers who attend the event!  For more details, please visit our website for more details:  The ACNL SUPER AWESOME GARDEN PARTY!

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