Saturday AM

It’s snowing this morning.  Still working on my perfect town, I guess this is going to take a while.  

Turnip price this morning is now 34 bells.  Uh oh!  Guess I’m pretty screwed.  But this has to mean that the prices will go higher next week, I think.

Tomorrow is a holiday in the UK.  I hope I can find a town to visit so I can partake in the festivities!  

When I went to the city, I got the last girl’s haircut (c-b-b) which was a short emo cut, so I’m gonna stick with my mummy wrap for now.  I also went to Kicks for a shoeshine since I hadn’t gone in a while.  But he gave me the ugliest shoes ever!  I guess it’s because I said ‘match my style’ and my hair color is green.  He gave me green socks and purple polka-dot shoes!  It’s like clown shoes.  Ugly!!  Kicks better be around tomorrow so I can change my shoes to something less stupid.


Clown Shoes
Clown Shoes

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