The Very Last Day of Summer

Well, today is August 31st.  Tomorrow is the start of September, the start of a new monthly charm and a new season.  Expect the grass to start changing from vivid green to deathly brown.  I’m not sure how fast the transformation is, but we’ll see soon enough.

Last night was the final Fireworks Show of the summer.  Deb decided to log in and take a look at the fireworks while she still had the chance.  Tortimer greeted her with some sentiment:


Why does it feel like the last night at sleepaway camp?  lol

Well, as I wrote in my previous post, I had my gates open for a while last night.  Since I’m super excited about the new Metroid Prime Trilogy that just came out, I decided to change Squirt’s outfit to the Samus costume.  Plus it hides the fact that he’s all pale once again.  That tan did NOT last.  I feel like in WW the tan at least lasted a little longer.  Or maybe I just ruined it by playing only at night for the past week.  Ahh well.

Samus Fireworks: Charge Beam?
Samus' Fireworks: Charge Beam?

Herito and Vella came over while the gate was open!  I was very excited because Herito brought me some fruit for me to replant my town.  He even brought one flower to complete the Shaolin Monthly Charm.  And when the mail came, I found 4 pieces of fruit sent by Vella!  So Shaolin will hopefully be regrowing at a faster rate now.  And hopefully I won’t kill all my grass in the process.  I must remember that the grass dies a LOT faster in the fall, so be careful everybody!

Vella had never been to the top of the Lighthouse before.  It took a bit of practice but eventually we all got up there!

Enjoying the Final Fireworks
Enjoying the Final Fireworks

The only thing I forgot to show Vella was what happens if you save the game while up on the Lighthouse.  Oh well, next time!  😛  I was very impressed that Vella still had her tan going strong.  I guess she only plays during the day.  My bf liked her Punisher dress, it matches her witch hat very well!  (Deb and Vella have similar tastes in clothes ww!)

Thanks to my buddies for coming to the final Fireworks Show!  It was lots of fun!  XD

Well, I guess that’s it.  End of summer.  No more heat, no more tans, no more creepy crawlies, no more sharks, no more fireworks!  How sad.  😦

But there’s some stuff to look forward to, coming up in the not-too-distant-future!  Specifically for Squirt in Shaolin, he only needs to catch the King Salmon to complete his fish encyclopedia.  And he only needs the Bell Cricket and Red Dragonfly to finish the bug version.  So expect to see Tortimer handing out Golden Tools to Squirt fairly soon!

Other holidays and events to look forward to in September:

  • Labor Day:  First Monday in September.  Receive a Picnic Basket from Tortimer!
  • USA DLC:  September 15th is slated to be the next released DLC, which celebrates the anniversary of the original release of Animal Crossing: GC!
  • Final Bug-Off:  September 19th is the last bug tournament of the year.  This is my last chance to beat Vella’s top score of 118!  What’s your top score?
  • Flea Market:  At the end of the month, on the 27th, is the Flea Market.  Why wasn’t there one in August?  Weird.

So don’t stop playing AC:CF just because summer is over!  Fall is fun too!  Don’t forget… October brings Columbus Explorer’s Day and Halloween, in addition to the resurrection of the Fishing Tournament.  Plus there’s some Moon Viewing festivals that will be coming up, but I’m not quite sure about the dates of those events.  Keeping playing AC and checking the Shaolin Town Blog for all your game related updates!  🙂

2 thoughts on “The Very Last Day of Summer

  1. So what does happen when you save while on the lighthouse? I guess I’ll just have to come over again and find out.

    September promises to be fun. I’m a little sad that I already caught everything. That’s what you get for cheating. LOL. Or having two towns in different months…

    I’ll have to try and beat my own 118 for the bug off, but I somehow doubt I will. All the good bugs are out at night and I play mostly in the morning—which is why I still have the tan I think.

  2. I actually check your door on the last August sunday night. I guess I am too late, it’s about 11p-12a CT. I even have my pockets full of the sparkles. Bummer!

    I saved too many bugs and fish for the flea market, but there is none in August. 😦

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