Fantastic Fireworks!

It’s time for your next installment of what’s been going on in Shaolin!

Well, a new neighbor has moved in.  His name is Chester!  He’s a little panda bear with a sad sort of face.

Meet Chester!
Meet Chester!

Chester moved right next door to Squirt, where Curly’s house used to be.  I was kinda pissed off about that.  Plus I wasn’t too keen on Chester calling me “rookie” every five minutes, despite my boyfriend finding it hilarious.  😛  But Chester is a friendly little guy and at least he’s not constantly talking about his muscles like Curly used to do.  Chester’s got the same personality as Broccolo.  So I guess he is growing on me!

Since we no longer have a vacancy in Shaolin, it’s been my goal to get Bree to leave town.  I’ve been harassing her a LOT the past few days – pushing her around, hitting with in the head with my net, and lately I’ve been planting pitfall seeds around her house, and just wherever I happen to see her around town.  It’s been pretty fun!

Harassing Bree
Harassing Bree

ANYWAY, yesterday was Sunday, so that means it was time for the weekly Fireworks Show!  I was very excited.  Tortimer was even MORE excited.  All he would talk about was fireworks.  It makes me wonder… who is setting off those fireworks?  Pelly?  Pete?  Rover?  I didn’t know any of them were trained in pyrotechnics.  Weird.

Its a FACT!
It's a FACT!

It’s a fact, people.  All your fireworks shows suck.  The ONLY one worth seeing is in Shaolin.  (Funny, they all look the same to me…)  I had opened my gates in hopes of trying to climb the Shaolin Lighthouse with a bunch of friends.  I was hoping to fill my town, but the guests only trickled in one at a time.  That’s ok!  There’s still 2 more fireworks shows left!  Hery was the first pal to arrive.  I was glad, because he is the expert on climbing lighthouses!  I wanted to practice getting up there so I could show my other friends!  We were up on the lighthouse in a jiffy, and enjoyed watching the fireworks from up in the sky!

Up on the Lighthouse!
Up on the Lighthouse!

I just want to clarify:  CLIMBING THE LIGHTHOUSE IS NOT A HACK! I am not a hacker.  I would NEVER hack my Wii or my town.  Climbing the lighthouse is merely a glitch that only occurs if your lighthouse is in a certain position.  And mine just happens to be that way.  I just got lucky!  Not every town will have a lighthouse that you can climb.  In fact, you can’t even climb the lighthouse in my friend Hery’s town, and he IS a hacker.  So there!

Since nobody else had shown up in Shaolin, Hery and I decided to go visit his town.  I had never been there before!  I was very excited.  His town was very nice, he had cool patterns and pretty hybrids all around.  We started taking a tour of the town, and he introduced me to his furry pet:

EEP!  Tarantula pet?
EEP! Tarantula pet?

I was wayyy jealous!  I only have until the end of the month to catch the massive Tarantula, or I have to wait until next year!  Pressure’s on….  Hery also had a pet Scorpion, you can see it in the background.  He’s obviously got some bug catching skills!  During the tour, some of Hery’s friends came in to say hi.  One of his friends, Cosmo, is from Canada and is an NHL fan, so of course I had to add him to my friends list too!  Yay hockey!

We went outside to enjoy the fireworks of Frost (that’s Hery’s town) and decided to play a few tricks on Tortimer while he was standing around outside Town Hall.

Tricks for Tortimer!
Tricks for Tortimer!

We all took turns burning Tortimer in the butt with a small firework.  It was GREAT!  lol 😛  Later on, I headed back to Shaolin in case any more visitors wanted to come by.  I also wanted to finish rebuilding my new “backyard flower garden.”  I decided to redo my hybrids AGAIN since Chester moved next door.  His house was kinda blocking half the garden.  So I decided to spread it out further back, and use the cute little alcove area behind my house.  There used to be two trees in the alcove.  Now it’s filled with Gold Roses!

Gold Rose Garden
Gold Rose Garden

I think it looks great.

Miao came by not long after I finished assembling the flowers.  I was really excited to show her how to get up on the lighthouse.  We had tried it in her town a few days ago but had no luck.  I wanted to prove to her that it WAS possible!!  It took a LOT of practice and patience, but eventually we did get up there!  It was great to enjoy the fireworks from up high.  I hope we get to do this for the next two fireworks shows also!!

Fireworks Gazing
Fireworks Gazing

So don’t forget to look for Shaolin’s open gates next Sunday night!  I will probably open them between 9-10PM EST.  Be there or be square!  😀

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Fireworks!

  1. I think Chester is kind of cute, Rookie! ww Sorry I missed the fireworks. With any luck next weekend I will be at Disneyland watching “real” fireworks. Although I may get tired and opt for the AC variety…

    I need to come see the lighthouse trick sometime soon!

    I like your gold rose patch. Mine have gotten all crazy since I got paranoid about new neighbors landing in the park. I don’t know what to do with them.

  2. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    Do you think I could come see your town, and possibly Hery’s town, at some point? From reading this, I am interested about what your town is like. I have heard from Porter in the original Animal Crossing that visiting towns broadens your horizons. (Besides, I don’t want to visit just Chambape (my brother’s town) Is the gold rose patch in your town or in Hery’s town? You worded it to an extent I couldn’t understand. So inform me of your decision on this matter sometime later. Just to make you jealous, I have all 6 bugs that are found rarely on coconut palms, in addition to the tarantula and scorpion, in my house. I give you permission to visit my town, at the very least. P.S. How many hybrids do you have in your town? In Hery’s town? P.P.S. See you in Datel if you decide to come. (Datel is the name of my town. It was named that as a side-effect of a Powersave I used on it. Just to remind you, I am not a hacker who overdoes it). P.P.P.S. Good-bye.

    1. gluxbox

      Yes, the gold rose patch is in my town, Shaolin. And sure you can visit, as long as you read the TOWN RULES first! (See the link at the top of this blog.) But I must warn you… I don’t play AC much anymore. Feel free to email me and see if we can work out a time to WIFI.

      Oh, and I don’t have any hybrids in my town right now, except for gold roses. Technically one of my other characters has all the hybrids in their closet. I just got sick of watering them so I put them all away lol!

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