Midsummer Night’s Blog Post

Whatttt??  The summer is half over??  I’ve been SOO busy with planning events for StreetPass Long Island and playing the steady stream of awesome Nintendo games that keep coming out that I’ve barely had time to enjoy the weather!  (I am ashamed to admit I have YET to go to the beach this summer.)

Before I get into my latest obsessions, here’s a quick recap of what’s going on in Animal Crossing.  I still have to get the latest Best Buy DLC!  AHH I hope it hasn’t expired yet!!

Gulliver is still suffering from PTSD and amnesia…

Gruff wins the award for most random music request AND most cultured townie in Jubilife. I literally had to look this up to understand what he was talking about. For the record, zydeco style refers to Cajun/Creole.

That’s MAYOR Madam Grooville to you! lol

Visiting the island with some Rando’s from Club Tortimer!

Jubilife townies can sleep easy knowing that we now have official police protection! (Or that they might find something they’ve lost in the Lost and Found.)

Existential questions with Vic.

Old Man Phineas approves of my coffee-making skills!

Won second place in the July Bug Off Tournament. I’d like to say that I purposely won second to get the silver trophy (since I already have the gold), but the real reason is that I was traveling that day and couldn’t devote as much time to the Bug Off!

Dizzy proves that he doesn’t have a clever name, but that he’s actually just drunk.

Still can’t afford this crown… 😦

In all honesty, I just have to thank MYSELF for having a second town on my JP 3DS, and my boyfriend JDubz, with whom I StreetPass ever single day. 🙂

Kapp’n shows his support for the 99%. Also, a bit of insight into his problems with the IRS! lol

Visiting with StreetPass Long Island members. And yes I am wearing a Reggie t-shirt in this photo lol!

T.I.Y. Home Store is officially open!

We’re starting to go GREEN here in Jubilife by installing a new Wind Turbine!

BEST NEWS EVER! Jubilife has officially reached PERFECT TOWN STATUS!!

So now you’re up to date on Jubilife.  I will probably write a special Wasabi News entry later on, since I have some stuff to report.  But here’s the REAL reasons I’ve been so busy lately:

  • New StreetPass Games!  Have you downloaded the latest update for your Nintendo 3DS?  The update includes a redesign of the StreetPass Mii Plaza, which features a more “town-like” atmosphere.  More importantly, you can also download NEW STREETPASS GAMES!  There are four to choose from.  “Mii Force” is a classic arcade shooter style game, using your StreetPass friends to supply different weapons depending on their color.  “Flower Town” is a casual collection game in which you have a beautiful garden and your goal is to grow and document as many flowers as possible, with your frequent StreetPass friends turning into Flower Pals who help you to grow rare breeds.  (You can also build and decorate gardens and take screenshots!  See below.)  “Warrior’s Way” brings new life to the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game and turns your Mii Plaza into a growing ARMY to help you in a quest for World Domination!  “Monster Manor” is a slow-paced nod to Luigi’s Mansion, except instead of Luigi, you act as your Mii trying to find your way through a haunted house, beating up ghosts and saving your friends from unknown horrors… plus it adds a bit of Tetris to it’s game mechanic!  I love these games because there really is something for everyone.  Another added bonus is the introduction of a new form of currency:  Plaza Tickets!  With Plaza Tickets you can “buy” new hats and outfits for your Mii to wear in the StreetPass world.  Each game does come with a price (of $4.99) but all four can be bundled for a discounted price of $14.99.  Obviously I had to have them ALL!  I highly recommend checking them out.

My first garden in Flower Town.

  • EarthBound has come to Virtual Console!  This classic SNES game is a blast from the past brought to you by the year 199X.  Aliens have invaded Onett and it’s up to Ness to figure out WTF is going on!  I never played this game as a child, my first RPG was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Nintendo, please bring this to Wii U VC?  Or… dare I ask… make it a 3D Classic??!?!?) and I didn’t touch RPG’s again until Paper Mario.  To be honest, I’d never even heard of Ness until Super Smash Bros. when he was reintroduced as a fighter.  I could never get his Up+B move to work properly, and had a grudge against him.  But I digress.  When EarthBound came out on Virtual Console for $9.99, I decided it was time to learn what Ness was all about.  Plus I’d been hearing nothing but rave reviews about the game for the past month from my StreetPass buddies.  What’s so great about this game (besides the awesome soundtrack, retro-familiar graphics and awesome RPG action) is the tongue-in-cheek humor and over-the-top storyline.  I REALLY love it!!  To show you a sample, here’s a screenshot I posted to my Miiverse profile.

“At times like this, kids like you should be playing Nintendo games.”

I’m sure you guys can understand now why I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I’d like.  But I promise (like I always do… but this time I SUPER DUPER MEAN IT!!) to make a better effort to post my random updates on what videogames I’m playing and stuff.  (Did I mention I also started a new game in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning?  Yeah…)  So tell me, what games are YOU playing?


Jubilife Gets Livelier!

Well, now that it’s July, that means I’ve been the Mayor of Jubilife for almost a month now.  Every day we have something new going on in town, there’s really never a dull moment!  Here’s a photolog of the latest happenings in Jubilife:

Gulliver washed up on shore recently. Despite the efforts of myself and JDubz whacking him with squeaky hammers, he would not get up. (Note: Gulliver will not wake up if you have visitors in town. He did eventually get up once the gates were closed.)

So far, the Gulliver items I’ve collected are a Hula Doll from Hawaii, a Dala Horse from Sweden, and a Mummy’s Casket from Egypt.  Pretty cool stuff!  I wonder how many countries Gulliver plans to visit in this game?

I love going to the Island with my boyfriend JDubz. Kapp’n however seems a bit jealous lol!

Playing on WIFI is so much fun! Recently Mayor JDubz and I visited with Mayors Vella and Kokuto.

We tried some cliff diving while we were in Hanabi! It’s really hard to coordinate everyone to jump at the same time…

I didn’t post this photo last time, but it’s cute! This is a face-cutout standee from the Summer Solstice festival on 6/21. Vella is a happy sunflower, while I am a happy sun wearing Ladder Shades!

The Dream Suite is now open for business in Jubilife!

Some profound words from the most annoying camel I know…

Oh hey, Reggie visited my Happy Home Showcase again! But he still doesn’t give me any ice cream so… I’m not impressed lol!

I *might* have eaten a Magic Mushroom while visiting the Japanese Nintendo Dream Suite town! FYI the Official Japanese Nintendo Dream Suite code is: 0000-0100-0017

Gruff seems to think he’s my stand-in for Mayor. He was also seen patrolling outside Ruby’s house to make sure nobody plants pitfall seeds… (I swear I’m not making this up lol!)

Chops thinks he’s the Official Jubilife room inspector… I mean, I appreciate that these guys want to help me out with my Mayor-ly duties. I just hope that they realize these are volunteer positions and that they won’t be getting paid or stealing my coveted Mayor’s chair at the Town Hall!

YAY I’m starting to get a tan!

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Island doing tours to stock up on medals and get my tan on. In the process, I’ve discovered that not all Island Tours take place in the daytime.

From what I’ve seen so far, there are more night-time Island Tours popping up than I’d realized.  The Evening Firefly Tour, the Pro Diver Tour, and the Dangerous Fishing Tour all take place during night time, or during a thunderstorm.  So don’t try to get a tan by doing those tours!

So happy! I’ve basically completed the my Sweets House exterior! I have the house exterior, the roof, the door and the mailbox all with sweets style decor. Don’t know if there’s a sweets fence or something… Anybody seen that in their Nook’s Housing store?

On June 30th we completed the Face Cutout Standee Public Works project. Of course I replaced the existing image with a face cutout of Miyamoto, which I picked up in the Japanese Nintendo Dream Suite town!

Yesterday I also got the latest Best Buy DLC… a “Cat Tower.” Now I need to somehow obtain the latest NL DLC, which is a shaved ice lamp!  Don’t forget to pick up the monthly DLC from the Post Office as well!

So yeah… lots of happenings in Jubilife!  Here’s the latest news from Wasabi: “Due to inactivity, some villagers have been moving out.  So far Deli and Gabi have already left town for greener pastures.  Mayor Neko is taking it as well as anyone can… just hoping for new neighbors to take their places!  If you’re trying to get rid of a townie, please let Mayor Neko know!”

If you are looking to make new ACNL friends, I highly recommend you join ACUKE.  They have a lot of fun in-game meet ups planned, and you can chat w/members in the chatroom and forum.  Definitely a great resource!



Condensed Wasabi Catch-Up

Mayor’s Log


Such an exciting morning!  I woke to find a certain psychiatrist waiting outside my house…

He gave me a petition and told me to get 6 signatures from the residents of Wasabi!  Hooo boy was I thrilled – I quickly ran all around town to get the necessary names on the form.  I was so diligent that I got the signatures I needed too quickly.  I continued asking other residents, and when they didn’t mention anything about the petition I got confused.  Then I checked the petition and saw I already had the 6 I needed.  Woo hoo!  So before doing any other chores, I rushed over to the strip mall and hand delivered the petition.

Then I realized that something else was new at the strip mall – THE SHOE SHANK WAS OPEN!

Finally I can start shopping for some nice shoes and socks!  LOL!  I picked up a pair of what I figured might be moccasins to complete my little Native American Girl outfit.  After doing some browsing around in the city, I headed back home and visited the beach where a certain someone was passed out…

I answered the quiz blindly as always, but I think I actually guessed correctly!  He started glowing with flowers and stuff.  That seems like a good sign.  We’ll see what happens!

In the Public Works department, Wasabi is now in the process of constructing a new Lighthouse!  I have no idea how I managed to get this on my special Public Works list in my Mayor’s office, but no complaints!  Unfortunately the costs of funding this Lighthouse are monstrous.  It might be a while before this structure is completed…

I placed the Lighthouse right by the dock on the beach.  It should make for some very cute photos when it’s completed!


As expected, I received a letter [that I didn’t understand] from Gulliver with a present attached.  Score!

I know this to be called the “Mouth of Truth.”  I have no idea what country it was from, or how I managed to actually guess the right answer in Gulliver’s quiz.  But I’m happy!  Hopefully I won’t accidentally sell this thing.

I heard from Zen that his town was having an event.  They have somehow magically moved about a week ahead in time, so I figured I’d run over and get a sneak peek at what’s to come!  At his Town Plaza, the Shi-tzu (how’d she get over here?  Why isn’t she busy sleeping in the Wasabi Town Hall?  lol) was handing out ogre masks.  But since I arrived just one minute before midnight, I didn’t get to experience rice being thrown at me.  Not really sure what’s going on with that holiday but we’ll find out soon enough when it comes in February!

After the festivities, Zen asked if I had my wetsuit.  I grabbed it from my locker and he cryptically asked me to follow him.  Hmm… what’s Zen up to?  We walked over to a cliff that looks over the ocean.  Then Zen told me to JUMP!

Apparently you can cliff dive in this game!  (Here’s a few details – you can only dive off of cliffs that directly overlook the water.  No diving onto the beach – there’s no doctors for sprained ankles around here!  You have to be wearing a wetsuit for this to work.  Also, the water’s cold in the winter so BRACE YOURSELF!)

My mind is totally blown.  How much fun is this???  I will be spending HOURS doing this.  No joke.

I wish I had time to write about all the amazing things I saw in Zen’s town.  For now, I’ll show the outside of his glorious mansion and anyone who wants to can view the rest of the photos on my Flickr Photostream.

We had to stop at Club 444 of course.  Today DJ K.K. was spinning house music.  We really enjoyed hearing remixes of old K.K. Slider favorites.  K.K. also did a remix of Zen’s town tune!  I can’t wait to hear my town tune remixed!  I hear it will take 5 days after getting that petition signed, so hopefully this Saturday I can watch the K.K. Slider acoustic set in my own town!

I really love the smoke and lighting effects!  So cool!!

When I returned to Wasabi, I ran into the Badge Beaver.  (Or whatever he’s called.)  I got some badge… no idea what it is.  But it’s a crown!  That must be good, right?

I did a little cliff diving of my own.  Managed to get some better shots too.  Check out my Photostream!

No matter that the water is cold… cliff diving is too much fun!  Just look at my face!


OK let’s face it… I’m a snoop and a gossip.  So when I spied these two love birds, I had to snag some photographic evidence.

I’m sure they’ll deny everything but a photo speaks a thousand words!  ^^

Anyway, today was full of more cliff diving.  Of course!  I went over to Kasen to try out diving off of the cliff there.  (Yumi also gave me the Balloon Clock I was missing.  Thank you!!)  I kind of like Yumi’s cliff better than mine, because the beach ramp is a lot closer to the cliff than in Wasabi.

Being the fangirls that we are, of course Yumi and I had to check out the K.K. Slider Acoustic show.  Not barely pictured: Fanboy Kokuto.

I came back to Wasabi and visited my best buddy the King.  I am kind of concerned about him.  His once regal and grandiose home decor is slowly devolving into country-bumpkin chic.  He recently replaced his gorgeous grand piano with a kiddie pool and rubber ducky.  Should I be worried?



We don’t care if you have a net, axe, watering can or hammer… all weapons are welcomed!  ww

After the usual “greetings” we all crammed into the motorboat and shipped off to the island.

Oh sorry, I didn’t mention the girl with the pink hair is a new friend (who I’ve since added as a BFF!  Now I’m up to 4 BFF’s!  lol) named Racchi who lives in a town called Melody.  She was very nice, like all my friends in AC:NL!

We did a couple of Island Tours.  We kicked some butt at the butterfly tour!

After a while I headed back to Wasabi.  I discovered something in the Able Sister’s clothing store that I hadn’t noticed before.  There was an over-sized sewing machine with a monitor built into it.  Turns out this is where I can scan QR codes and get new shirt and dress designs!  Of course I didn’t have any QR codes to scan.  I’ll have to look that up or something.

In the afternoon, Tiffany asked if she could come visit my house.  I am trying to get her to like me so that she’ll give me a signed photo of herself.  She’s really cute dammit!  I LIKE BUNNIES!!  So I started leading her to my house, when I stumbled into a pitfall…

Tiffany was obviously sympathetic to my plight, but a helping hand would have been nice.  I think it’s really cute that townies react to things that go on in town.  Did I ever mention that I’ve seen quite a few townies randomly shaking trees in town?  They get mad when nothing falls out.  It’s really adorable!

In other news, I picked up 200 turnips for something like ฿108 per turnip.  Keeping my eyes peeled for any good turnip prices this week… wish me luck!

What Language Barrier?

Mayor’s Log


Living in a foreign land is never easy, especially when you don’t speak the local language.  But even though I don’t speak Japanese, it doesn’t mean I can’t become friends with my neighbors!  Luckily everyone in town is very friendly and has a great attitude, and they don’t seem to mind/notice that I have a very small grasp on what’s going on!  I’m still making friends with my townies and I’m really enjoying getting to know them.

For example, one of my neighbors, King, was talking to me this morning.  (Sorry I forgot to take photos of this interaction.)  Obviously I didn’t know what he was saying, but I was just going along with him.  At one point he was asking me something, and ฿640,000 was somehow involved with what he was talking about.  Maybe he was offering me a lump sum of money to help with Wasabi’s reconstruction!  But I didn’t really know what he was saying.  Feeling slightly nervous about it, I agreed to whatever he was proposing.  Suddenly my wallet’s contents (all ฿7,000 that I had) was being emptied and given to King.  WHAT?!?!  I must have agreed to buy something!  But I don’t have ฿640,000…

When I had a chance to check to see what I’d spent ALL of my money on, I was shocked!  I was now the proud owner of King’s golden, regal throne!  Apparently he must have been trying to sell me his throne for the [very respectable price of] ฿640,000.  (It’s worth about ฿800,000 I think!)  Even though I didn’t have the full amount, he gave it to me anyway, out of the goodness in his royal heart.  Isn’t that sweet??  Or maybe he didn’t realize what was going on, and I totally ripped him off.  Hmm.  I’m going to hope that it’s the first scenario.  Whatever, he still has another throne sitting in his house, and he only has one butt!  Hahaha!

In addition to the kindness of the King, I’ve been getting very buddy-buddy with Ri-Rii.  She always fishes right by my house, and today she started talking to me about… something.  Then she started following me around.  I guessed that maybe she wanted to come see my house?  She followed me right inside!

Although I neglected to take pictures of my throne exchange with the King, you can see in this next photo that I took with Ri-Rii, I now have the throne on display in my house!

Part of me is still debating if I should sell the throne for cash to pay for some Public Works.  Hmm…  For now I’m holding onto it.  Maybe until I upgrade my shops, and then I’ll have access to my catalog.

In other news, today I noticed that my Shih-tsu assistant has a little (cuter) brother.  He was hanging out in the strip mall area of town, and after much dialog that I didn’t understand, he opened up the StreetPass Plaza!  I really hope I manage to cross paths with another ACNL player someday, so I can get a few people in my plaza.  Fingers crossed!

This evening something very special happened.  There was a meteor shower!  I heard that sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can wish on a shooting star.  So I put my tools away and waited for a shooting star to cross overhead.  When I saw one, I made a wish.  The star then glittered and made a cute sound!

I hope the star sends me something good tomorrow!


The first thing I did this morning was check my blinking mail box.  I had a feeling there might be something special for me today!  I opened up a letter that was written with pretty star stationery.  Of course I had no idea what the letter said, but there was a present attached!  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I think it looks like a very fancy wardrobe.  King might be jealous!

After the excitement of the present from the Star, I walked down to the beach.  There was not one, but TWO surprises waiting for me!  The slightly creepy Kapp’n was waiting at the dock with his boat, and a strange bird was sleeping on the beach…

I knew this bird to be named Gulliver.  I’d heard from King Squirt that he supposedly has access to a flying UFO, but he said he’d never actually seen the UFO (except once when he first started his town.)  I didn’t see any UFO, but this sleepy pelican was definitely Gulliver!  Unfortunately, Gulliver doesn’t really speak English.  And the only way to get an exclusive gift from him is to correctly answer a quiz question.  Needless to say, I picked the wrong answer, but I won’t let it get me down.  Maybe I’ll get lucky one of these days!  Besides, I hear that Yumi sees Gulliver in Kasen all the time.  She might end up with some extra Gulliver presents down the line…  😉

Another new villager moved to Wasabi today.  Her name reads バズレー (Bazureh?) but I hear she is also known as Tiffany.  She seems slightly stuck up, but since I don’t understand what she’s saying, it doesn’t really bother me.  I like her makeup though.

After all the excitement this morning, I thought it might be nice to visit Wasabi’s Resort Island and relax for a while.  I was able to do some fishing (caught some nice rare ones too!), collect some new fruits (bananas and durians), and catch some bugs that are normally only around during the summer.  Then I tried my hand at some Island Tours, and I did better than I thought I would!

When I came back to Wasabi, I ran into Agent S.  She wanted to set a time to hang out!  I wasn’t really sure if she meant to hang out at her house or mine…  so I just figured I’d wait at my house until our scheduled play date time, and if she didn’t show up, I’d scurry over to her house instead!  Luckily our arrangement turned out to be that we’d meet at my house, so everything worked out great!  See, I don’t need to speak Japanese to play and have fun!

She even complimented me (I think?) on my cool balloon furniture.  I’ve certainly got a lot of it!  I have an extra balloon vanity for sale in my Recycle Shop if anyone wants it…  Speaking of which, I randomly remembered to ask the Alpaca (I really need to figure out what her name is) for the afternoon turnip price.  Boy was I surprised when she told me!

Wow!  ฿380 per turnip!  I wished I’d purchased more turnips to sell… but I did make a nice ฿2,000 profit, so I can’t complain.  Of course I spread the word about the great buying price in Wasabi, and Yumi stopped by to visit Wasabi for the first time, and to get some turnip profits for herself too!

Yumi was kind enough to donate some bells to Wasabi, and she also lent me her extra GOLD WATERING CAN!!  I am so grateful, thank you Yumi!  I was in desperate need of a watering can, and the Gold Can is more than I could have asked for!  I can’t wait until Wasabi is a Perfect Town and I can earn my own Gold Can… but I’ll definitely make good use of this loaner for the time being!

After some introductions and conversations with my residents, we thought we’d stop over at Kasen.  I went to Shampoodle’s and got a new hair style, and then we headed to the Cafe so I could pick up some coffee to go.  Unfortunately our games crashed at that point, and I lost my new ‘do.  Oh well!  I’ll try to head over to Kasen again soon and get another haircut lol!