Pokemon 25 Hype!

Are you ready?? It’s the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon, and there are a lot of big things happening!

Pokemon GO Tour

Yesterday’s Pokemon GO Tour kicked things off to celebrate Pokemon Week. I didn’t buy a pass but I did check in on the game’s festivities, which featured gen one Pokemon popping up regularly… plus confetti falling from the sky! Cute! Didn’t catch any shinies though… did you have any better luck?

Pokemon Happy Meals

Earlier this month, Pokemon 25 Happy Meals came to McDonalds! I am notorious for shamelessly purchasing kids meals for myself, so of course I picked this up. It comes with a Pikachu happy meal box, as well as a small pack of Pokemon 25 themed Pokemon trading cards, and of course a Pokeball themed cardboard box to keep them in, and some little activities intended for kids. I really like it! I mean, it’s no gold plated Pokemon card, but it’s still nifty!

Exclusive Pokemon DLC

And there’s more! If you can make it to GameStop, there is currently a mystery gift download available for a shiny Toxitricity to promote an upcoming TCG series “Shining Fates.” You need to use the Pokemon Pass app to access the download code, after logging in with your trainer account. The app uses GPS to determine where you are, so you have to actually go to the store (or spoof your location) in order to get it.

In addition, all Pokemon Trainer Club members will be receiving a special code to download a ‘Singing Pikachu’ starting on February 25th. These codes will be delivered by email, so no need to go anywhere for this Pokemon DLC! Simply use the Mystery Gift function and enter your code. Pikachu is not known for being a good singer (as far as I know) and cannot learn the move Sing naturally. So this special Singing Pikachu is gearing up for the most exciting part of the Pokemon 25 celebration…

Pokemon 25 Virtual Concert!

On February 27th there will be a Pokemon themed concert held online, hosted by Post Malone. Very little has been revealed about what will be happening in this concert, aside from vague terms like ‘new music’ and a ‘wild celebration of Pokemon’s 25 years.’

The concert will be livestreamed on YouTube, Twitch and on the Pokemon website. I was thinking about doing a watch party on my own Twitch channel, but the concert starts at 7pm and I don’t usually stream until 9:30pm… Plus the DMCA situation would force me to mute or alter the music on my stream, so maybe it’s not worth it. Maybe by 9:30 we can just have a reactions and after party hype instead lol! I doubt a Pokemon concert would last late into the night, right?

So be sure to stop by Gluxbox TV after the Pokemon 25 concert, where the hype train will still be rolling!

How are you celebrating Pokemon’s 25 Anniversary? Leave a comment and let me know!

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