Self Love Resources

This month I’m devoting a lot of time to talking about self love. I’m doing this because this time of year can be hard for many gamers, myself included. Being single and shut inside for the past few months is not great for dating. Focusing on self love instead of feeling lonely is a good way to improve my confidence and become a better version of myself. I hope to inspire everyone else to try some self love too!

What does self love really mean though? It’s about getting to know yourself, and feeling gratitude and joy for who you are. But it can seem a little daunting to find the right way to start. Luckily, there are a variety of self care tools out there to help steer you in the right direction.

Self Love on a Budget

These days, money is tight. Thankfully the internet is full of amazing resources and people who share their experience and wisdom on social media. You can follow positive people like @apeaceofwerk, @selfcareisforeveryone and @blessingmanifesting for daily inspiration while scrolling.

Sneak Preview of Passion Planner Self-Care Reflection PDF

Passion Planner recently released a free printable Self-Care Reflection PDF to help you get started. It can help you get your thoughts outs and reveal where you might need to start focusing your efforts. If you like the workbook, you can also consider purchasing one of their amazing planners. I highly recommend them!

Blessing Manifesting, who I mentioned above, also has amazing free resources on her website. The artwork is so bright and colorful that you can’t help but feel happy simply by looking at it!

Self Care Cats by Blessing Manifesting

I love Blessing Manifesting because she is very open and honest. I subscribe to the newsletter, and I’ve purchased the Self Love Workbook, as well as some add-ons! There’s even a self love Patreon page with very affordable prices. If you have $5 – $10 that you can spend on self love, then I think Blessing Manifesting is a great place to get started.

If you’re a little more experienced with the concepts of self love and are looking for a new source of inspiration, consider getting a self love guided journal. I received You Meet You from one of my monthly subscription boxes, and I am in love with the gorgeous watercolor design throughout the book.

This workbook is a beautiful way to explore how you feel about yourself and learn where you need more care. The book is filled with inspirational quotes and thought provoking prompts to help you see which parts of yourself are already amazing, and which parts deserve more attention. If you take the time to devote to your own mental health and listen to your body, heart and mind, you’ll find that life becomes much more clear.

These are all affordable and simple ways to get started in the journey of self love. I want to stress that self love is vitally important for both men and women. It might seem strange, or even selfish, to practice self love. But if you think about it, not taking time for self care is worse. Without self care, you aren’t able to perform to your potential and be fully present for your loved ones. Poor self care leads to anxiety and stress, which can take it’s toll on your body and personal relationships. So even if filling in a self care workbook seems silly, give it a try anyway. You may be surprised with what you learn!

Do you have any self love resources that you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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