The AC Inquirer: Curse of King Tut’s Mask

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In this issue, we’ll take a look at the King Tut Mask in ACNH. Why is it cursed? What will happen to you if you wear it?! Unfortunately, it’s bad news.

The King Tut Mask has been an item in the Animal Crossing series ever since AC:WW. It is notorious for lowering your luck in the game, which is evidenced by your character falling flat on their face repeatedly when you try to run around. But why does this happen?

Animal Crossing is a franchise that incorporates more educational, historical and culturally related content than you see in most games. Clearly one of the developers’ goals is to help teach players about other parts of the world. Most of these worldly collectible items are given to players after they help Gulliver. But one notably cultural and historical item, the King Tut Mask, is a DIY crafting item. You can make as many as you want.


The curse of King Tut is something you might read about in history class. There was real life speculation of King Tut’s curse back in the 1920’s, which has been scientifically disproven. But people love a myth and a mystery, and so the curse lives on! And it lives on in Animal Crossing too!

Without Katrina the fortune teller to guide our way and help ACNH players to know how much luck they have, gamers are in the dark. Feng Shui has been known to have a positive impact on gameplay. But the only thing that truly gives you bad luck is the King Tut’s Mask. Once crafted, you can put on this mask and run around and find yourself falling flat on your face over and over. There is no end to the torment until you take your mask off. Or… just walk, instead of running.

But what’s worse is that the King Tut’s curse will cause you to lose held items!

If you are unfortunate enough to be holding a balloon item while wearing the King Tut Mask, you will lose grip of it when you fall down. The balloon will float away… and be gone from your pockets! It’s lost forever.

And it’s not just balloons that are affected. Most troubling is the sparkling cider glass. If you happen to be holding a glass of this delicious, limited time from NYE, no-longer-orderable-from-Nook-Shopping beverage… Well, when you fall down, be ready for broken glass, spilled cider, and possibly tears of regret.

We implore you, please be careful when wearing the King Tut Mask! The curse will be upon you, and you can lose your drink!!!

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