What is Patreon and Why I’m On It

These are crazy times right now. Everyone is going through personal struggles, and unfortunately for me, I ended up losing my job at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. I was unable to get through to the Dept of Labor to complete my unemployment claim, and I started to think of new ways that I might be able to earn money to pay the bills.

Patreon is a platform that allows companies and individuals to create a paid subscription service to their fans. Contrary to popular belief, it does not allow nudity or pornographic content, and is a totally legitimate way to earn some extra money. The key is having something to provide monthly to your paying fans.

I decided to give it a shot and create the Gluxbox Patreon page. The best thing I can come up with while stuck in lockdown mode is to take new cosplay photos each month and send them out to my top tier subscribers! I just went through my costumes and counted 26 different outfit choices that I can use to create new content each month. It’s totally respectable and classy, I swear!

I also created other perks for each of the tiers of the Gluxbox Patreon page. There is a $5 tier for anyone who just wants to show some support each month without breaking the bank. It also includes special access to the Gluxbox Discord (you can join with basic access for free if you’d like: click here!) and links to my private cosplay photo archive albums, should the patron be interested in viewing!

Now, I realize that sexy pics do get attention. Let’s be real here! Occasionally, I like to take a photo that is a bit more revealing and share it on Snapchat or Instagram Stories. The two higher tiers on my Patreon page are catered toward those who support me in sharing these photos and would like a more direct line.

If you are fortunate enough to have a few dollars to spare each month, I hope that you’d consider subscribing to the Gluxbox Patreon. Any level of support is greatly appreciated! I know everyone is going through a hard time right now and monetary contributions are hard to give right now, so if you can’t subscribe I totally understand. I’m in the same boat!

But if you can afford to help show some Gluxbox support, then you are a GOD among the peoples! If you have a few extra bucks but don’t want to go to Patreon, you can also subscribe to my Twitch channel.

PS – If you have any tips or suggestions for someone starting out on Patreon, please drop me a line! I’m such a noob. Thanks!

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