Glux’s Gamer Gains & Goals

Happy New Year! It’s 2020, a new decade full of possibilities. Last year was a rough one, and while I’m still struggling, I realize that one important part of self love is being proud of your accomplishments. Another part of self love is working towards goals that bring you happiness. So let’s do that!

2019 Gains

Here are my Gamer Gains of last year:

Places Visited: San Antonio, TX; Fort Lauderdale, FL; West Palm Beach, FL; Austin, TX; and Boston, MA.

For those keeping score, the two D&D campaigns include a one-off session as well as the ongoing saga of Dany and Alaria. The campaign is now complete IRL but I still have a few more episodes to type up! Which brings me to…

2020 Goals

I have a lot of lofty aspirations for the new year:

  • Complete writing the D&D campaign saga & One Off campaign
  • Finish editing a video that I shot literally weeks ago
  • Flesh out my super secret web series idea 🙊
  • Stream some of these mad chill games on Twitch
  • Resume a regular streaming schedule, even if it’s once a week/month/idk
  • Resume a regular blogging schedule too!
  • Reach 200 followers on Twitch and Instagram (or 300??)
  • Finish that damned Pokedex in Pokemon Sword!
  • Get to Twitch Con 2020
  • And probably most importantly… figure out a way to make playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons my full time job because omg it’s finally coming and I need to play it all day!!! I seriously cannot wait to play the newest Animal Crossing title on 3/20/20. Pocket Camp is fun and all but it’s just not the same. AHHH but now there are only a few more months to wait until the new Switch game is released. Sooooooooo excited!! 😁

What are your goals for 2020?

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