Does Your Pokemon Box Spark Joy?

If you’re a Pokemon fan, chances are you are playing Pokemon Sword/Shield and have a TON of Pokemon stored in boxes. But do you organize your Pokemon Boxes?

I recently created a video all about how to optimize your Pokemon Box storage use!

Here’s a quick overview of the topics in the video:

  • Part I: The Controls
    • Use the R button from the Pokemon Menu to access Pokemon Boxes outside of the Pokemon Center
    • X Button Functions:
      • Sort Pokemon
      • Held Items
      • Battle Teams
    • Y Button Functions:
      • Select (Red Cursor)
      • Multipurpose (Blue Cursor)
      • Multiselect (Green Cursor)
      • Move Entire Pokemon Boxes in Box View
    • Plus (+) Button Functions:
      • Pokemon Image
        • Pro Tip Not in the Video: This view will also show the name of the trainer that you are trading with in a Link Trade
      • Pokemon Stats
      • Pokemon IV Checker
  • Part II: Customizing Boxes
    • Change Wallpaper
    • Change Name
  • Part III: Pokemon Box Strategies & Tips
    • Inbox
    • Organize By Type
    • Specialized Boxes
    • Search Functions
    • Pokemon Jobs: Always returns Pokemon to Box 1

You have to watch the video to get the full rundown on these important topics. I’d really appreciate your feedback too. Should I make more videos like this?

Thanks for watching! 🙂

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