Jubilife Brings on the Heat!

Phew!  It’s getting hot out there.  All the townies in Jubilife are complaining about the weather.  I really wish one of them would request a Weather Box as a Public Works project!  I never got one in Wasabi (not that I’d have understood what it said anyway) and it sounds really cool… please townies?  Ask me!  I’ll build it!!  *waits impatiently*

I’m starting to get a righteous tan.  The only problem is that I sometimes forget to do Island Tours every day, so maintaining the intensity of my tan is proving difficult.  But it’s fun!  Another reason making it hard to keep up with my tanning is that I play at night a lot.  Trade off – I caught a SCORPION!

Here’s my advice for catching these ‘lethal’ bugs.

  1. Be brave.
  2. Keep the gates closed – Tarantulas and Scorpions won’t appear if your gate is open.
  3. Walk around with your net equipped.
  4. Walk slowly all around town and keep an eye out for details!  Look in every nook and cranny.
  5. When you see the scary bug, it will see you, since the net is a threat.  Both bugs do a little “hiss” before they attack!  If you swipe your net down while they are hissing at you, you will have enough time to capture it before it strikes!

About a week later, I caught the Tarantula as well!  Once I caught them, I guess they became less scary to me.  I am able to catch them more easily.  I have an extra Tarantula in my house now, which I’m keeping as a pet.  I’m gonna name him “Harry the Hairy Spider.”

In other news, Chops the “Jubilife Room Inspector” (his idea, not mine!) invited himself over my house to give ME a full inspection.  I think he secretly works for Lyle in the HHA.  I mean, his house is DIRECTLY behind my house, Chops could easily slip in at 6 AM and evaluate my house… now I feel creeped out.  Anyway, he was actually quite impressed with my house and how I had everything set up.  I expected him to like my main room, which is Robo themed, since I have the full set and some extra items to boost my feng shui.  I was surprised to see his reaction to my tiny Cabana room in my basement though!

Chops was blown away by my collection of Cabana Series furniture items.  He wouldn’t shut up about it.  He also wouldn’t shut up about how he wanted to move in and be my roommate.  All I can think about is when I should get rid of him so I can have my backyard back to the size I want it to be.  I can’t complain too much though, since Chops recently requested that we build a SPHINX in Jubilife!  Hooray for exotic Public Works!  I actually just completed the fundraising for it today, so tomorrow we’ll have a Sphinx infront of the Town Hall!  Sweet.  It’s gonna look like this…

I’ve received a couple of other cool Public Works requests from townies, such as a Police Station (that’s next on my list!) and a Stone Tablet.  As excited as I am for all these new Public Works to be added to Jubilife, I’m still reeling from the awesomeness that is the new Jubilife Cafe!

I go in every day to talk to Brewster and get my cup o’ joe.  Most times when I go in, I see a familiar face.  Something I’ve learned from playing this game now in English, is that the other patrons of the Cafe usually give you a tip as to how they like their coffee.  I’m starting to take notes because I have a feeling I might take up a part time job as a barista pretty soon…  Here’s my findings so far:

  • Aurora likes her coffee sweet with two sugars.
  • Digby doesn’t put anything in his coffee.
  • Isabelle likes her coffee with lots of milk.
  • Kapp’n doesn’t like ANY sugar in his coffee.

That’s all I’ve got so far.  I’ve only had the Cafe for a couple days!  lol

Time for some WASABI NEWS!  Last Sunday 7/7 was a special Japanese-only holiday, called Starcrossed Day (Tanabata in Japanese).  I hopped onto the Nearby Town Express train to Wasabi to visit and see what all the fuss was about.

Shizue  I mean ISABELLE was waiting at the Town Plaza, wearing an adorable starry shirt with a matching blue bow.  She kept going on about how the holiday was about some starcrossed lovers who only get to see each other on this date.  Then she gave me an item called Bamboo Grass, which is very cute.  If you interact with it, you are able to read little wishes written by… some people I don’t know.  Whatever, it’s cute.  Come to my house to see it!  There was also another awesome face-cutout standee, this one decorated with the two starcrossed lovers that this holiday commemorates.  I took a photo with Mayor Neko.  And I made Mayor Neko pose as the male.  😛

I think that’s about it for updates on Jubilife and Wasabi right now.  Although I did speak with Katrina today and she said I needed “flashy bottoms.”  That kinda sounds wrong.  But if you have any suggestions for flashy bottoms so I can have good luck, please let me know!  (Anybody got some hot pants I can borrow?  LOL!)

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