Jubilife Brings on the Heat!

Phew!  It's getting hot out there.  All the townies in Jubilife are complaining about the weather.  I really wish one of them would request a Weather Box as a Public Works project!  I never got one in Wasabi (not that I'd have understood what it said anyway) and it sounds really cool... please townies?  Ask …

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Wasabi Send-Off Issue Going Out with a BANG! The Wasabi News will be going on hiatus with the upcoming release of Animal Crossing New Leaf in North America on June 9th.  On this date, the Glux Blog will be reporting on the English game.  The Wasabi News will continue on, but in a different way.  …

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The Hunter or the Hunted?

Yay I'm back to blogging a little more regularly! The results are official now.  Squirt won the Bug-Off!  The golden bug trophy has been proudly displayed in the Tomb Room.  Deb logged in yesterday just to check the 'score', and jokingly submitted a tiny bug just to see what the score would be.  Little did …

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