Jubilife Brings on the Heat!

Phew!  It’s getting hot out there.  All the townies in Jubilife are complaining about the weather.  I really wish one of them would request a Weather Box as a Public Works project!  I never got one in Wasabi (not that I’d have understood what it said anyway) and it sounds really cool… please townies?  Ask me!  I’ll build it!!  *waits impatiently*

I’m starting to get a righteous tan.  The only problem is that I sometimes forget to do Island Tours every day, so maintaining the intensity of my tan is proving difficult.  But it’s fun!  Another reason making it hard to keep up with my tanning is that I play at night a lot.  Trade off – I caught a SCORPION!

Here’s my advice for catching these ‘lethal’ bugs.

  1. Be brave.
  2. Keep the gates closed – Tarantulas and Scorpions won’t appear if your gate is open.
  3. Walk around with your net equipped.
  4. Walk slowly all around town and keep an eye out for details!  Look in every nook and cranny.
  5. When you see the scary bug, it will see you, since the net is a threat.  Both bugs do a little “hiss” before they attack!  If you swipe your net down while they are hissing at you, you will have enough time to capture it before it strikes!

About a week later, I caught the Tarantula as well!  Once I caught them, I guess they became less scary to me.  I am able to catch them more easily.  I have an extra Tarantula in my house now, which I’m keeping as a pet.  I’m gonna name him “Harry the Hairy Spider.”

In other news, Chops the “Jubilife Room Inspector” (his idea, not mine!) invited himself over my house to give ME a full inspection.  I think he secretly works for Lyle in the HHA.  I mean, his house is DIRECTLY behind my house, Chops could easily slip in at 6 AM and evaluate my house… now I feel creeped out.  Anyway, he was actually quite impressed with my house and how I had everything set up.  I expected him to like my main room, which is Robo themed, since I have the full set and some extra items to boost my feng shui.  I was surprised to see his reaction to my tiny Cabana room in my basement though!

Chops was blown away by my collection of Cabana Series furniture items.  He wouldn’t shut up about it.  He also wouldn’t shut up about how he wanted to move in and be my roommate.  All I can think about is when I should get rid of him so I can have my backyard back to the size I want it to be.  I can’t complain too much though, since Chops recently requested that we build a SPHINX in Jubilife!  Hooray for exotic Public Works!  I actually just completed the fundraising for it today, so tomorrow we’ll have a Sphinx infront of the Town Hall!  Sweet.  It’s gonna look like this…

I’ve received a couple of other cool Public Works requests from townies, such as a Police Station (that’s next on my list!) and a Stone Tablet.  As excited as I am for all these new Public Works to be added to Jubilife, I’m still reeling from the awesomeness that is the new Jubilife Cafe!

I go in every day to talk to Brewster and get my cup o’ joe.  Most times when I go in, I see a familiar face.  Something I’ve learned from playing this game now in English, is that the other patrons of the Cafe usually give you a tip as to how they like their coffee.  I’m starting to take notes because I have a feeling I might take up a part time job as a barista pretty soon…  Here’s my findings so far:

  • Aurora likes her coffee sweet with two sugars.
  • Digby doesn’t put anything in his coffee.
  • Isabelle likes her coffee with lots of milk.
  • Kapp’n doesn’t like ANY sugar in his coffee.

That’s all I’ve got so far.  I’ve only had the Cafe for a couple days!  lol

Time for some WASABI NEWS!  Last Sunday 7/7 was a special Japanese-only holiday, called Starcrossed Day (Tanabata in Japanese).  I hopped onto the Nearby Town Express train to Wasabi to visit and see what all the fuss was about.

Shizue  I mean ISABELLE was waiting at the Town Plaza, wearing an adorable starry shirt with a matching blue bow.  She kept going on about how the holiday was about some starcrossed lovers who only get to see each other on this date.  Then she gave me an item called Bamboo Grass, which is very cute.  If you interact with it, you are able to read little wishes written by… some people I don’t know.  Whatever, it’s cute.  Come to my house to see it!  There was also another awesome face-cutout standee, this one decorated with the two starcrossed lovers that this holiday commemorates.  I took a photo with Mayor Neko.  And I made Mayor Neko pose as the male.  😛

I think that’s about it for updates on Jubilife and Wasabi right now.  Although I did speak with Katrina today and she said I needed “flashy bottoms.”  That kinda sounds wrong.  But if you have any suggestions for flashy bottoms so I can have good luck, please let me know!  (Anybody got some hot pants I can borrow?  LOL!)



Wasabi Send-Off Issue

Going Out with a BANG!

The Wasabi News will be going on hiatus with the upcoming release of Animal Crossing New Leaf in North America on June 9th.  On this date, the Glux Blog will be reporting on the English game.  The Wasabi News will continue on, but in a different way.  Mayor Neko would like to thank everyone for being such loyal readers and following the events of her town for the past six months!  For more up-to-date information on Wasabi Village, please be sure to follow the Glux Box on Tumblr.

But before the Wasabi News turns off the presses, there was so much big news this week that we had to do one final issue!  As Lyle would say, “The Wasabi News is going out with a BANG!”


As was rumored, following Mayor Neko’s fourth positive fashion evaluation from Gracie Grace, construction began on Main Street on June 3rd.  The entire village waited impatiently for the world-class department store Nookington’s to open!  This final store upgrade features three stories of shopping splendor!  The first floor has all your daily needs, from tools and records to flower seeds and fertilizer.  The second floor sells a wide variety of furniture, carpets and wallpaper options to decorate your home.  The third floor is home to the world famous Gracie Grace Boutique, and the shop is run by the Fashionista him/herself!  While Gracie’s prices might be sky high, the furniture is deluxe and exclusive, and every clothing purchase comes gift-wrapped.  Mayor Neko was quick to pick up some new fashions for the summer!


Mayor Neko isn’t worried about the astronomical prices in the new boutique.  That’s because she recently achieved a great feat – saving ฿1,000,000 in her bank account!  The Post Office even sent her a rare and adorable Piggy Bank to commemorate the occasion.  Well done, Mayor Neko!  Don’t spend it all on one crown!


Temperatures have been rising rapidly.  It is not advised to wear long sleeve shirts.  On 6/4, an intense thunderstorm wracked Wasabi Village for the entire day.  Thunder and lightning was observed, even from indoors.  The townies had high spirits tho, and simply sported hats and umbrellas to keep dry!


Now that summer is in effect, many new (and large and scary) insects have been spotted roaming Wasabi and hanging on trees.  One of the most fearsome of these summer bugs is the poisonous Tarantula, which can cause you to faint after just one bite.  Mayor Neko had been searching for a Tarantula since the first of the month, but it wasn’t until 6/5 that the giant spider was spotted.  Mayor Neko told the Wasabi News, “We have a lot of flowers in Wasabi, so I was having a hard time finding the Tarantula.  I finally decided to just walk very slowly and really check every inch of town to find this insect.  We can’t risk one of the townies being bit!  I saw the Tarantula crawling by the river.  At the time I had my shovel out, so I approached the Tarantula, knowing that he’d try to run away instead of attacking.  A Tarantula will only attack if you have your net out.  I chased the Tarantula into a more wide open area, and as he started scurrying away, I fumbled to get my net out.  I must have gotten really lucky – the moment I switched to the net was when the Tarantula was facing away from me, since he was trying to escape.  Immediately I turned and swung the net, before the Tarantula had time to react!  I caught it and nobody was hurt!”  The Tarantula was safely donated to the Wasabi Museum, where it is now on display in the Bug Exhibit.


On 6/7, Mayor Neko was swimming in the ocean and doing a bit of diving.  She spotted a somewhat large shadow and dove deep into the water to chase it down.  When the Mayor swam back up, she realized she was holding a rare Scallop.  Quickly after, she realized that someone was swimming up behind her.  The seafaring beaver Pascale was looking to make a trade!  He wanted Mayor Neko to give him the Scallop, in exchange for some words of wisdom and an exclusive pirate ship furniture item.  In the end, Mayor Neko came home with an Anchor… but that also means there is still no Scallop in the Wasabi Museum.


    • The time has finally come!  Start up your new towns!!
    • Message me on Twitter @gluxbox if you’d like to have a private visit from Mayor Neko!
  • 6/15/13 – Bug-Catching Tournament
    • Catch the best bug in town!
    • Win a trophy if you’re in the top three!
  • 6/21/13 – Summer Solstice
    • Join Isabelle at the Town Plaza to celebrate the coming of summer!
    • Have fun at the Photo Board!
    • Giveaways for all who attend!

Extreme Town Makeover

The end of summer is fast approaching in Shaolin.  The pressure is on to catch the remaining bugs of the season!

My first strategy was to change the time of my Wii.  Perhaps I’d have better luck finding the Tarantula in the early morning, since I usually look at night.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything except an unfit mother.

Unfit Mother!

Unfit Mother!

Kaitlin was rambling on about how she must have been separated from her child in Herito’s town, Frost (probably while she was on a drunken bender).  Luckily, I was quickly able to get in touch with Herito and open my gates, despite my shaky internet connection.  I wonder what prize Katie will send him?  I’ll have to ask.  Herito wanted to show me a cool little trick he and some friends had figured out.

Scaring Apollo

Scaring Apollo

We got to talking about tarantulas and Herito began describing what he called the “Drastic Method” for catching creepy crawlies.  Basically, he explained that as you pass from acre to acre, the game spawns 25 bugs.  (I think the same rule applies with fish.)  He said that if you cut down all the trees and get rid of all the flowers in your town, you will increase your chances of catching a tarantula, scorpion or giant petaltail.  How, you might ask?  Well, if there are no trees then there are no beetles.  I’m talking regular trees AND palm trees.  The game looooves to respawn a million fruit beetles instead of bringing out a tarantula.  And by getting rid of flowers, there’s no chance of a butterfly spawning and taking up a spot either.  PLUS by having no trees or flowers in the way, it’s a lot easier to spot and chase a bug.

Herito tried to convince me that I should wait til the end of August, and give my town a chance.  But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try the Drastic Method.  I’ve been wanting to re-do my town’s foliage anyway.  Make some fruit groves.  Organize flowers in a better way.  Nook asked me today if I wanted to change the store – I chose Variety, so I’ll be able to plant more flowers in a week.  And of course, we all know that I’ve been having trouble catching creepy crawlies cuz I always lose sight of them.  So yesterday I whipped out my axe and just started chopping away.  Think of it as an Extreme Town Makeover!

Extreme Town Makeover

Extreme Town Makeover

Personally, I think the town looks really cool like this.  I feel like I just restarted the game.  At first, I didn’t really see anything of interest.  I circled the town a bunch of times.  Then I noticed that the number of moths in town had VASTLY increased since cutting down all the trees.  So I started chasing the moths to scare them away, to cause new bugs to be spawned.  Once I started doing that… I started noticing some creatures scuttling around on the ground!

Scorpion sighting!

Scorpion sighting!

I must have spotted 10 scorpion last night.  It was crazy!  I managed to catch half of them, which was even crazier!  I developed a technique where I would corral the scorpion either into the alcove by the two-level slope, or up by the gate where the bus stop is.  Then I would run up the ramp and take out my net.  I like this technique because it’s pretty safe – the scorpion can’t sting you while you’re up on a ramp.  The only problem is I can’t really get a great angle to catch it with my net, so that took a little practice.  But it obviously worked since I caught so many of them!

I wasn’t seeing any tarantulas.  Ok, I saw one at first but it got me.  Big surprise.  Then it was just scorpion after scorpion.  I was starting to wonder where all the big spiders were.  So I went around to my townies to try and change some catch-phrases.  Victoria wanted a new greeting, so I wrote “Oh tarantula”.  Not more than 5 minutes later, I spotted a tarantula!  I chased it to the gate and rushed up the bus stop ramp.  But I couldn’t see it at ALL.  My net swipes were futile.  So I took a baby step down the ramp in hopes of getting a glimpse.  Nothing.  Then another step down and – BAM!  The tarantula jumped at me and bit me.  😦

Looks like the ramp technique wasn’t going to work (necessarily) for the Tarantula.  So I decided I needed to use my “bee approach” instead.  When I was chopping down trees, I released all 5 swarms of bees, and had caught 3 of them.  My technique for the bees is to run away as soon as you see them, then take out your net and let them come to you.  For some reason, I can gauge when to swipe if I see the bug coming at me.  So I decided to use this technique for the tarantula.  Chase it to a place where it can’t kill itself by jumping in a river or something, step about 10 paces away, THEN take out the net.  Let the tarantula come to you.

When I saw the tarantula on the main slope near Squirt’s house, I chased it up the slope, to Brocollo’s house.  Then I walked away and took out the net.  It charged and BAM!  In my net!  I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture.  So I headed straight to the museum to gross out Blathers.

Blathers on Tarantulas

Blathers on Tarantulas

Yep, he was pretty grossed out.  But I wasn’t!  I was so proud to have finally caught that beast.  I went straight to the Insect Exhibit  to watch the new Tarantula duke it out with the Scorpion.

Insect Exhibit

Insect Exhibit

Now, all that’s left for me to catch in August is the Giant Petaltail.  I’ll be looking today between 5pm and 7pm for the massive flying monster.  I really hope I can catch it quick so I can start rebuilding my town.  Once the petaltail is caught, I’ll be accepting donations.  Any fruit (except apples!  NO APPLES!) and flowers would be happily accepted – plus planting a flower in Shaolin will unlock the town charm.  So that’s a bonus for anyone who wants to help rebuild Shaolin!

I would also like to just remind everyone that Squirt’s retirement is on the horizon.  He only needs to complete his fish and bug catalogues, finish collecting the clothes for his regular catalogue, collect the Spooky Set on Halloween and complete his Mush Set in November.  And of course, get a birthday cake on his ‘anniversary.’  But after all that, Squirt will be retiring.  Everything will be complete.  And it will finally be time for Squirt to take it easy and let the other characters run amok.

I’ll keep you all posted on Squirt’s retirement status.  Don’t worry, he’ll still be around for a few more months.  But that’ll be it!  So get your retirement gifts ready for November!

The Hunter or the Hunted?

Yay I’m back to blogging a little more regularly!

The results are official now.  Squirt won the Bug-Off!  The golden bug trophy has been proudly displayed in the Tomb Room.  Deb logged in yesterday just to check the ‘score’, and jokingly submitted a tiny bug just to see what the score would be.  Little did she know a surprise would be waiting for her the next day!

Consolation Prize

Consolation Prize

Maybe it’s cuz I don’t usually have more than one character participate in the tournaments, but I thought this was really funny.  A consolation award for trying!  Huzzah!  But, there was nothing attached to the letter.  😛

Hi Vella!

Hi Vella!

While today wasn’t an exciting event like yesterday, it was still a holiday.  Happy Father’s Day!  Squirt’s Dad sent him a “Pop’s Quiz!” in the mail, with red carnations attached.  I added them to the garden.  Also, a little bird told me that it was Midsummer’s Day in Europe.  (Why do they get such cuter holiday names??)  And not only that, but there was new European DLC released today!  So there was much to do.  Deb checked the gate first thing in the morning, but only Doomdoom (full of gloomy doomy rain lol) was open.  I popped in to say hello.  We marveled at each other’s keen fashion sense.  We’ve both been approved as official Fashionistas.

(Oh by the way, I finally figured out why Gracie had rejected my watermelon costume a while back.  It turns out that the watermelon costume is “funky” style, while the hairdo I had at the time was “fresh” style.  God forbid my hairdo isn’t the same style as my clothes!  Sheesh!  So anyway, word to the wise.  Make sure you know your styles.)

ANYWAY, back to the hunt for rare European items.  Squirt logged in and waited at the gate for any sign of my European friends.  Not a Union Jack in sight, but I did see that Glitch was open, where my friend No Name lives.  He lives in the same area as me, so I wasn’t going to find any new items, but I was able to let him catalog the ghost umbrella.

  • Tomorrow my gates will be open for a while, so everybody feel free to come and visit!  🙂

Later on, I found my good old buddy Jed from Hazmat had his gates open.  I raced through and he let me catalog the new DLC – a sand castle!  I started wandering around looking for the Town Hall where Tortimer was.  Jed showed me the way and I was able to pick up a few espresso makers.  Apparently I forgot to save the photo I took of Tortimer telling me that the espresso makers were the reason that Midsummer’s Day was also called the “Sleepless Night.”

So the hunt for rare European items was a success!  But that doesn’t mean the hunting was finished for Shaolin!  I’ve made it my priority the past few evenings to try and find the Piranha, the Hammerhead Shark, and the Tarantula.  It hasn’t been much of a success.  Quite a few small sized fish have escaped me while I was fishing, so I am pretty convinced that they were piranhas lol. I stayed in the north area river for a long time, so around 8PM I finally decided to head to the beach to look for some sharks.

As I was walking, I noticed Chief and Ruby were having a conversation.  In true AC fashion, I eavesdropped.  Chief seemed to be coaching Ruby to do a specific look.  Something about glaring?  I thought he was making her pose for him or something.  Then suddenly Chief said, “Oh try it out on Squirt.”  Then Ruby said this to me:

A warning?  Or a tough-love pep talk?

A warning? Or a tough-love pep talk?

I don’t really understand this unprovoked aggression.  They both walked away like nothing happened after Ruby’s outburst.  It was a little weird.  Was she warning me?  Was she trying to give me some not-so-friendly advice?  Or was I merely a test dummy for Ruby’s weird threat?

Things were about to get a lot weirder…  I continued on towards the beach.  I really want a Hammerhead Shark!  I had my fishing rod at the ready as I walked over the South Bridge.  When I stepped onto the sand, I noticed something next to me.  Something BIG.



Apparently it didn’t see me and the Tarantula walked out of frame.  In a panic (I didn’t know WHAT to do!!) I switched to my net.  I could hear the Tarantula’s excitement as he scuttled back for the kill.  Frantically, I switched to another tool in hopes that it would stop.  But it was too late!



Next thing I knew, I was in front of my house in a daze.  (Who put me there???)

Looks like the hunter became the hunted!