Condensed Wasabi Catch-Up

Mayor’s Log


Such an exciting morning!  I woke to find a certain psychiatrist waiting outside my house…

He gave me a petition and told me to get 6 signatures from the residents of Wasabi!  Hooo boy was I thrilled – I quickly ran all around town to get the necessary names on the form.  I was so diligent that I got the signatures I needed too quickly.  I continued asking other residents, and when they didn’t mention anything about the petition I got confused.  Then I checked the petition and saw I already had the 6 I needed.  Woo hoo!  So before doing any other chores, I rushed over to the strip mall and hand delivered the petition.

Then I realized that something else was new at the strip mall – THE SHOE SHANK WAS OPEN!

Finally I can start shopping for some nice shoes and socks!  LOL!  I picked up a pair of what I figured might be moccasins to complete my little Native American Girl outfit.  After doing some browsing around in the city, I headed back home and visited the beach where a certain someone was passed out…

I answered the quiz blindly as always, but I think I actually guessed correctly!  He started glowing with flowers and stuff.  That seems like a good sign.  We’ll see what happens!

In the Public Works department, Wasabi is now in the process of constructing a new Lighthouse!  I have no idea how I managed to get this on my special Public Works list in my Mayor’s office, but no complaints!  Unfortunately the costs of funding this Lighthouse are monstrous.  It might be a while before this structure is completed…

I placed the Lighthouse right by the dock on the beach.  It should make for some very cute photos when it’s completed!


As expected, I received a letter [that I didn’t understand] from Gulliver with a present attached.  Score!

I know this to be called the “Mouth of Truth.”  I have no idea what country it was from, or how I managed to actually guess the right answer in Gulliver’s quiz.  But I’m happy!  Hopefully I won’t accidentally sell this thing.

I heard from Zen that his town was having an event.  They have somehow magically moved about a week ahead in time, so I figured I’d run over and get a sneak peek at what’s to come!  At his Town Plaza, the Shi-tzu (how’d she get over here?  Why isn’t she busy sleeping in the Wasabi Town Hall?  lol) was handing out ogre masks.  But since I arrived just one minute before midnight, I didn’t get to experience rice being thrown at me.  Not really sure what’s going on with that holiday but we’ll find out soon enough when it comes in February!

After the festivities, Zen asked if I had my wetsuit.  I grabbed it from my locker and he cryptically asked me to follow him.  Hmm… what’s Zen up to?  We walked over to a cliff that looks over the ocean.  Then Zen told me to JUMP!

Apparently you can cliff dive in this game!  (Here’s a few details – you can only dive off of cliffs that directly overlook the water.  No diving onto the beach – there’s no doctors for sprained ankles around here!  You have to be wearing a wetsuit for this to work.  Also, the water’s cold in the winter so BRACE YOURSELF!)

My mind is totally blown.  How much fun is this???  I will be spending HOURS doing this.  No joke.

I wish I had time to write about all the amazing things I saw in Zen’s town.  For now, I’ll show the outside of his glorious mansion and anyone who wants to can view the rest of the photos on my Flickr Photostream.

We had to stop at Club 444 of course.  Today DJ K.K. was spinning house music.  We really enjoyed hearing remixes of old K.K. Slider favorites.  K.K. also did a remix of Zen’s town tune!  I can’t wait to hear my town tune remixed!  I hear it will take 5 days after getting that petition signed, so hopefully this Saturday I can watch the K.K. Slider acoustic set in my own town!

I really love the smoke and lighting effects!  So cool!!

When I returned to Wasabi, I ran into the Badge Beaver.  (Or whatever he’s called.)  I got some badge… no idea what it is.  But it’s a crown!  That must be good, right?

I did a little cliff diving of my own.  Managed to get some better shots too.  Check out my Photostream!

No matter that the water is cold… cliff diving is too much fun!  Just look at my face!


OK let’s face it… I’m a snoop and a gossip.  So when I spied these two love birds, I had to snag some photographic evidence.

I’m sure they’ll deny everything but a photo speaks a thousand words!  ^^

Anyway, today was full of more cliff diving.  Of course!  I went over to Kasen to try out diving off of the cliff there.  (Yumi also gave me the Balloon Clock I was missing.  Thank you!!)  I kind of like Yumi’s cliff better than mine, because the beach ramp is a lot closer to the cliff than in Wasabi.

Being the fangirls that we are, of course Yumi and I had to check out the K.K. Slider Acoustic show.  Not barely pictured: Fanboy Kokuto.

I came back to Wasabi and visited my best buddy the King.  I am kind of concerned about him.  His once regal and grandiose home decor is slowly devolving into country-bumpkin chic.  He recently replaced his gorgeous grand piano with a kiddie pool and rubber ducky.  Should I be worried?



We don’t care if you have a net, axe, watering can or hammer… all weapons are welcomed!  ww

After the usual “greetings” we all crammed into the motorboat and shipped off to the island.

Oh sorry, I didn’t mention the girl with the pink hair is a new friend (who I’ve since added as a BFF!  Now I’m up to 4 BFF’s!  lol) named Racchi who lives in a town called Melody.  She was very nice, like all my friends in AC:NL!

We did a couple of Island Tours.  We kicked some butt at the butterfly tour!

After a while I headed back to Wasabi.  I discovered something in the Able Sister’s clothing store that I hadn’t noticed before.  There was an over-sized sewing machine with a monitor built into it.  Turns out this is where I can scan QR codes and get new shirt and dress designs!  Of course I didn’t have any QR codes to scan.  I’ll have to look that up or something.

In the afternoon, Tiffany asked if she could come visit my house.  I am trying to get her to like me so that she’ll give me a signed photo of herself.  She’s really cute dammit!  I LIKE BUNNIES!!  So I started leading her to my house, when I stumbled into a pitfall…

Tiffany was obviously sympathetic to my plight, but a helping hand would have been nice.  I think it’s really cute that townies react to things that go on in town.  Did I ever mention that I’ve seen quite a few townies randomly shaking trees in town?  They get mad when nothing falls out.  It’s really adorable!

In other news, I picked up 200 turnips for something like ฿108 per turnip.  Keeping my eyes peeled for any good turnip prices this week… wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Condensed Wasabi Catch-Up

  1. I’m so excited reading about your adventures in New Leaf! I can’t wait to play! Russell won’t let me talk about anything I’ve read (he’s afraid of being spoiled before the American release) so I’m excited to be leading him through a game for a change 🙂

    1. gluxbox

      LOL! My boyfriend is the same way, he hates “spoilers” but I feel that since this is in Japanese, I’m not fully spoiling the game for myself since I barely understand what’s going on! 😛

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