Updates from Wasabi!

Mayor’s Log


Due to busy Mayoral duties, I wasn’t able to explore very long in Wasabi today.  But there were a few exciting things to note, so here’s what happened!

First of all, I got a letter from the HHA today.  I don’t know what it said, but there was a present attached.  I guess I met some point threshold with my furniture feng shui?  They sent me a shirt.  What is this supposed to be, free advertising for Lyle?  I wouldn’t be caught dead in this.  But I did put it on to take a photo.  Now it’s on display in my room.

There was a visitor in Wasabi today.  It was a Fox that I know to be named Redd, and he sells rare artwork.  Unfortunately, I hear that a lot of the art he sells is actually counterfeit, so you really have to inspect before you buy.  Here’s what he had for sale today:

I know that in this painting, the girl should have a blue headband on. So this has to be fake.
I’m not sure but something tells me this bust is missing a beard…
I feel like this sculpture is missing something…
So that leaves this guy. Is he real?

Unfortunately for me, I took all these photos and thought about it for a long time… then I had to go out.  And I forgot to come back and buy one of these artworks.  What a waste!  So I have no idea which was the real one.  Oh well.  Let’s call it a practice run and hope Redd comes back again soon.  I really need some stuff to donate to the Art Wing of the Wasabi Museum.  If anyone has anything to donate, please let me know!  I have a feeling my Museum won’t upgrade until I’ve donated at least one thing to each section…

I finally got a Snowman Bingo today too!

In exchange for my completed Bingo card, he gave me a snow-blower machine thing.  Sorry, I don’t know what it’s actually called lol!

We completed construction of the Campsite area in Wasabi as well.  Hopefully someone will come visit our town soon.

I wonder who will visit first?  We also had a new resident move in.  Again, I haven’t figured out her name yet (it’s a process, people!!) but she’s a cute Kangaroo with a Joey.  Maybe I’ll call her Kanga (from Winnie the Pooh!) for now.

There was a ton of construction in the strip mall today.  The Nook’s Sons shop was closed for renovations.  The Shoe Shank is still under construction.  Ahh I can’t wait for these shops to open up!  Let me spend my money!!

Before I ended my day, I figured I’d stop over in Kasen and see what was going on there.  Yumi and Zen were hanging out!  It’s so much fun to visit with friends in this game.  Zen and I added each other as BFF’s.  Now I have three best friends to chat with!

We were having a laugh over Yumi’s retarded snowbaby.  She was attempting to roll the snowballs together but the larger snowball accidentally ended up on top as the head!  Oops.  It’s like the Quasimodo of Snowbabies!  Aww.. it’s happy and cute.


HOORAY!  The new shop, Nookmart, has opened up!  It features a bigger storefront, larger inventory and later hours.  Huzzah!

In the Able Sister’s clothing store, (or rather, on the Labelle side… I don’t know if that has a separate name or what) there was a very rare and expensive Princess Crown for sale.

Too bad it costs ฿1,000,000!

Of course I had to try it on and tease myself.  I’ll have to save up if I want to get something fancy like this!  Then after I relinquished the crown, I bought up the berry hat and halo to make myself feel better.  Emotional shopping FTW!

I also noticed that there was an Igloo set up in the campsite area of Wasabi.  I had to take advantage of the cuteness by taking a seat on a nearby stump and taking a photo.  See the really cool Triforce tree stump in the foreground!?  🙂

Apparently tree stumps can have different patterns.  I hear there are some cool swirls and a leaf that can be found as well.  I’ll keep an eye out!  But I really like this one with the Triforce.  Anyway, after taking a photo, I braced myself for the icy insides of the Igloo…

Inside was a French Frog!  (Sorry, I’m clearly terrible with names!)  I’m sure his name was Jacques or  Pierre or something.  Grenouille?  I digress.  He was cooking up a delicious looking stew.  The pot looked big enough to stick the frog into, but I held myself back.  I’m already having political problems as the Mayor.  Don’t need an international incident on top of that!  lol

We also had a little celebration in front of the Igloo, because I’d forgotten to do so earlier.

I heard the news that there was a somewhat decent turnip price in Kasen so I figured I’d sell off my remaining turnips there.  A small profit is better than holding out and then ending up selling them for less than what I’d paid at the last minute.

While I was there, Yumi and I hung out and collected some snowflakes!  Aren’t they pretty?  When it snows, once in a while you see a big snowflake that you can catch with your net.  Apparently if you collect 3 snowflakes and bring them to the Snow Mama, you can get a piece of furniture from the glitzy Ice Series!

I got the Ice Wall from the Snow Mama.  I haven’t taken a picture yet; hopefully planning to add another room to my house soon and I’ll put all the Ice Series stuff in there.

We were sitting down by the Kasen Town Tree and I found that I could sit on the ledge!  Yumi joined me and suddenly the Town Credits began to roll…

The Town Credits are so cool!  It shows the Mayor, residents, dates that things were constructed and whatnot… what a great resource!  But the Wasabi Town Tree isn’t big enough yet I guess, because I can’t sit on the ledge in my own town.  Soon!

Yumi and I also enjoyed some hot coffee together.  But it was so cold out… we had to call it a night.

3 thoughts on “Updates from Wasabi!

  1. Zen

    Heya! 🙂 Some notes:

    – The Kangaroo’s name is アップリケ(Applique) and the frog is ハルマキ. 🙂
    – The real one was the bust. It was Queen Nefertiti. The fake one has a spherical head. I’m sure Jen wrote about it in her blog quite a while ago. 😉
    – The one you thought was real was the King Kamehameha IV statue. The real one has his palm facing up. (I made the same mistake when I first started playing and I’m from Hawaii! So much shame… :P)

    In any case, I hope to see you online soon! We have such an odd time difference.

    1. gluxbox

      LOL thanks for the info! I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be Nefertiti or if maybe it was a Pharaoh, that’s why I thought maybe a beard was missing. Now that you mention it, I do remember reading about the palm facing up on that golden statue! Good to know.

      Yeah it’s interesting that you and Yumi are able to meet up so often given the huge time difference. I have another friend in Japan that I coordinate with, we meet up when it’s morning for me and late night for him. (I’m talking about my friend who I’d mentioned earlier in my blog, Mikuru.) What time of day do you normally play? I’d love to visit your town – I’ve seen the photos from Yumi’s blog and WOW! Incredible. 😀

  2. Zen

    I usually play when I can, but early mornings and late nights for me. If you’d like to coordinate a time as well, let me know. Thanks! I like working in my town. 🙂 I had to reset since I hated the layout and neighbors I had when I first started.

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