Week of 2/10 – 2/16

Festivale Comes to Wasabi!

This week in Wasabi started off with a BANG!  The holiday known as Festivale was in full swing on Sunday, 2/3 and it was a big hit with the villagers!  Everyone was dressed up in their best samba outfits, including Mayor Neko!  She worked hard all day to collect almost every single item in the Pavé Series.  (Editor’s Note:  Mayor Neko has requested that if anyone has a spare Pavé Bed, please send a message to the Wasabi Town Hall.  That is the only furniture item that she has not acquired.)  All of the town enjoyed putting aside their daily chores in favor of collecting feathers and dancing the day away!  For more detailed coverage of the Festivale Holiday, please read the Wasabi News: Festivale Edition! Special issue that was released on 2/12.

During the morning of Festivale, Mayor Neko was surprised to see a young student named Maikochan wandering around Wasabi.  At first Mayor Neko thought maybe the small yellow cat was her intern for the day, and let Maikochan follow her around town.  Luckily, Mayor Neko was able to contact Mayor Mikuro of Orantoiro Village, who opened his town gates so that Maikochan could visit his town.  Unfortunately, as Mayor Neko and Maikochan were boarding the train, the little kitty dropped her train pass.  She ran out to pick it up but the train departed without her.  Mayor Neko felt very sorry for Maikochan afterwards.  However, on Monday, Mayor Neko received a letter from Maikochan, which assured the Mayor that she’d found her own way to the next town.  Attached with the letter was a limited edition pink camera, which Mayor Neko is proudly displaying in her home.


After the excitement of Festivale had died down, it was back to business in Wasabi.  Mayor Neko made a great effort to complete another Public Works upgrade for the town.  The most recent change made to Wasabi was the expansion of the Wasabi Museum on 2/12.  Thanks to the diligent work of Mayor Neko donating thousands of dollars worth of fossils, fish, insects and works of art, the Museum Curator Blathers authorized a second floor expansion of the Museum, and invited his younger sister Celeste to join him.  Celeste is now running the Gift Shop of the Wasabi Museum, selling rare tools, carpets, wallpapers and more!  Visit the newly expanded Wasabi Museum today!

In addition to the Gift Shop, Mayor Neko funded the expansion of the upstairs of the Wasabi Museum.  Mayor Neko was given access to four new display rooms to show off more limited edition and exclusive items to the visitors of the Museum.  She is not giving away much information at this time, as these rooms are “works in progress” but the Wasabi News was able to get one exclusive photo of one of Mayor Neko’s display rooms while she was setting it up.


Thanks to a stroke of luck, the black market art dealer Crazy Redd was in Wasabi Village on 2/13.  He had four different paintings for sale.  Since Mayor Neko is still not up to snuff when it comes to art history, she recruited the help of Mayor Yumi from Kasen Village to help her determine which painting was real and which ones were fake.  The two Mayors inspected all the artwork very carefully, and the legitimate artwork was decided upon and purchased.  The following day, the painting was shipped to Mayor Neko, and she immediately donated it to the Wasabi Museum.  The Museum is quickly filling up, attracting visitors from all around!


On 2/14, Wasabi Village celebrated their first Valentine’s Day.  While this holiday isn’t quite the same “take-over-the-town production” as Festivale, it is still very sentimental to a lot of people.  Sadly for Mayor Neko, she didn’t realize that Valentine’s Day is very private in Wasabi – town villagers will not walk up to you and ask you to be their Valentine.  Nor does your Valentine wait outside your house to deliver chocolates to you, as King Squirt had once described to Mayor Neko in his town of Shaolin.  Mayor Neko wandered the town all day, wondering if anyone loved her enough to be her Valentine.  Since she and King are such great friends, Mayor Neko had hoped to receive a Valentine from him, but she couldn’t find him all day.

It wasn’t until Mayor Neko checked her mailbox that she discovered not one but TWO Valentine letters waiting for her.  The first was a chocolate cake from Shizue, and the second was a letter from none other than the King, and he had attached a pink rose for her.  Mayor Neko was elated when she realized that she did have admirers, they are just a bit more private about it!

Chocolate Cake!


It was shaping up to be another dreadful week in the Stalk Market.  Prices were hovering in the ฿80/turnip range for most of the week.  But on 2/15, Mayor Neko checked the morning turnip prices and was shocked!  The turnip price for the morning had sky-rocketed to ฿457/turnip!  Thanks to the low buying price of ฿94/turnip that was paid on Sunday, Mayor Neko was able to make over ฿300K in profits for the week!  Mayor Neko took to Twitter to announce the extremely high selling price, and Mayor Yumi rushed over to sell her turnips before the price changed to the afternoon price, which was considerably lower.

With a huge chunk of cash in her pockets, Mayor Neko was able to pay off her current house loan, which will allow her to now add a back room to her house.  In addition, the Mayor was also generous enough to donate the funds needed to complete the latest Wasabi Public Work – a Police Station!


The residents of Wasabi can now sleep soundly, knowing that their town is being guarded by one of the top police officers in the region!  Newly separated from his long term partner Booker, Police Chief Copper can be found working at the Wasabi Police Station.  His professionalism is unmatched, and Mayor Neko was quoted saying, “We are very happy to have Chief Copper joining us here in Wasabi.  He inspires confidence every time he salutes me, I know we are in good hands with Chief Copper.”  As soon as he was instated, Chief Copper began displaying items for the Lost and Found.  Mayor Neko claimed that everything belonged to her and snatched up every single item.  Chief Copper did not question the ownership of these items… after all, why would the Mayor lie about such things?

Now that the Police Station is completed, Mayor Neko has started raising funds for a new Windmill.  Please see the Gyroid or ask Shizue at Wasabi Town Hall for more details!


  • 3/3/13 – Girl’s Day
    • Meet Shizue at the Town Plaza for a special item!
    • Dainty cakes will be served!  Yummy!
  • 3/31/13 – Bunny Day
    • Special Guest:  The Easter Bunny
    • Spend the day hunting for eggs!  Eggs can be found in the ground, floating in balloons, hiding in trees, even in the river!  Rumors claim that you can even go diving and find Easter Eggs during this holiday.
    • Inside each egg is a special foil which can be used to trade in for the limited edition Egg Series.
  • 4/1/13 – April Fool’s Day
    • Special Guest:  Blanca
    • Be careful – the villagers are set to play pranks on you!


Derry Photo-Bomb!

Despite all the profits from the Stalk Market this week, Mayor Neko still cannot afford to buy a royal crown.

Hear ye, hear ye!

Valentines ❤

Mayor Neko loves watching the new Cat and Mouse Cartoon Show on her wide screen Kuroi-Robo TV!

“What?? No more holidays until March??”



Week of 2/3 – 2/9

Wasabi Celebrates Setsubun!

As spring draws near, a festival called Setsubun is celebrated in Wasabi to bring in good luck for the new year.  On 2/3, Mayor Neko wore a blue ogre mask and all of the villagers gleefully threw soybeans at her to symbolize purifying the town.  Fortune beans were on sale at the Nook-N-Go in the strip mall leading up to the event.  Rumors report that the townies were very happy to participate; it is said that good luck and health come to those who throw beans during Setsubun.


 As Mayor Neko was doing a health inspection at Wendy’s Diner on 2/4, it was apparent that the restaurant’s owner and head chef Wendy had fallen very ill.  She was caught sneezing under the sneeze guards of her food cases, and Mayor Neko decided that the establishment should be shut down temporarily.  For several days Wendy was sick, and occasionally Mayor Neko was seen hand delivering special medicine to aid in her recovery.  It may be worth noting that Wendy was not seen participating in Setsubun.


Wasabi is about to become a lot more stylish!  As of 2/3, a new salon has opened in the Wasabi Strip Mall.  For a small fee of ฿3,000, anyone can have their hair styled by professional stylist Harriet.  Her technique is one of a kind, involving a personality quiz and a giant hair-cutting contraption, and her hair dye is second to none.  Even the boldest shades won’t fade!


After a quick construction, the Nook sons store has re-opened as Nookmart.  This new upgraded shopping experience has a supermarket aesthetic, including shopping carts, aisles and a larger store inventory!  Two fortune cookies are now available per day, and the catalog machine has been moved to a convenient location near the entrance.

Community Project Completed:

The Dream House

The latest Community Project was completed on 2/7.  The price was pretty high but worth it to bring this very therapeutic Dream House to the Mall.  An Aardvark named ゆめみ (Yumemi) runs the high-class establishment.  She is a highly skilled hypnotherapist, and can send her customers off to sleep in less than a minute.  Patrons of the Dream House report that their dreams are extremely vivid, and Mayor Neko told the Wasabi News that, “I met a Walrus named Wendell several times in my dreams at the Dream House, and he always gave me a pattern during my dream… and I noticed I still had the pattern saved even after I woke up!”

Mayor Neko Wins Fishing Tournament

After her embarrassing loss last month, Mayor Neko vowed to win first place in the February Fishing Tournament.  “I am NOT going to stop until I get gold!” she was heard saying to Ri-Rii on the beach on 2/9.  Mayor Neko started early, just after 10 AM.  The Fishing Master proclaimed that this tournament was for any fish – biggest fish wins!  Mayor Neko was seen fishing at the river first, then moved down to the beach, catching a 102 cm Sea Bass.  Later in the afternoon, Wendy submitted a 108 cm Sea Bass to compete for first place.  Not long after that, Mayor Neko reportedly boarded onto a boat to the Resort Island, where locals say she caught several extra large fish, including a Napoleonfish and a Great White Shark.  While those fish were not entered into the Tournament, Mayor Neko did submit a Ray that measured 119.9 cm which ultimately took first place.  Elated, Mayor Neko accepted her gold trophy graciously.  Nobody has questioned the Mayor’s decision to import fish from the Resort Island, and the Fishing Master confirmed that there is nothing in the rule book forbidding the option of fishing in that location.


In fiscal news, the Stalk Market has been a Bear Market for the second week in a row.  With prices dropping as low as ฿47 per turnip, investors are getting very nervous and losing their faith.  Smart financiers have taken to Twitter and Facebook to compare prices from village to village, and Mayors Neko and Yumi have teamed up (with the addition of Jisune Village under the supervision of Mayor Yumi) and are reporting the prices in their Stalk Markets.  With a strike of luck on Saturday, 2/9, Kasen Village had an afternoon turnip price of ฿116.  Mayor Neko had bought this week’s turnips at ฿108 each, so she was happy to make any profit she could get, after the terrible week Wasabi endured.

Side Note:  While selling turnips in Kasen Village on 2/9, Mayor Neko was allowed to attend the Kasen Village Fishing Tournament Awards Ceremony.  She cheered on Mayor Yumi as she too received a gold fish trophy.  The rare photo-op was deemed extra adorable by the fact that both Mayors were wearing the seasonal Festivale dress, feather headdress, and had their hair dyed light green.  As they say, great minds think alike…


After another visit from Crazy Redd, the traveling art dealer, Mayor Neko is proud to announce that she has donated another legitimate piece of artwork to the Wasabi Museum.  This new acquisition is a gold statue of a Hawaiian king.  “I knew it was real because the statue’s hand was facing up,” Mayor Neko told the Wasabi News on 2/7.  “I had posted photos before of the fake version of this statue, and was told that it was fake because the hand was facing down.  When I saw this statue, I knew it had to be real!”  The new addition is on display in the Art Wing of the Wasabi Museum.  Blathers would like the News to remind all readers that the Museum is open to any and all donations!


  • 2/11/13 – Festivale
    • Time:  6AM to 6PM
    • Special Guest:  Pavé
    • Mayor Neko has issued a formal complaint to Shizue that it is unfair for this holiday to occur on a Monday during regular business hours.  She regrets to inform her Wasabi neighbors that her time to participate in this holiday may be limited, due to the important office work that she has to do during the festival hours.
  • 2/14/13 – Valentine’s Day
    • Send letters to your “special someone” leading up to this holiday!
    • If you have a secret admirer, they might give you a special chocolate cake to show you how they feel!
  • 3/3/13 – Girl’s Day (?)
    • Shizue gives out special puppet doll display furniture
    • Dainty treats for sale!


[aka Wasabi News #1.  We are going to try a different, 
weekly format for updates on my ACNL town Wasabi.  
This should leave more room for other non-AC posts.]

Week of 1/27 – 2/2

Wasabi Inaugurates Newly Constructed Lighthouse

Thanks to the hard work of the citizens of Wasabi, and the generous donations of the town’s Mayor Neko, Wasabi has the fortune to inaugurate a new Lighthouse!  Construction began on 1/24/13 and the estimated cost of construction was over ฿370,000.  Many of the residents of Wasabi gathered at the site of the new Lighthouse to celebrate the inauguration on 1/30/13.  Fundraising and construction took only 6 days.

QR Scanning Now Available at Able Sisters

The Able Sisters, Mabel and Sable, are proud to announce that as of 1/27/13, they will now be servicing clients who wish to scan QR codes to create clothing patterns.  Many official Nintendo patterns can be scanned from QR codes that are found on this website.  Popular right now are the K.K. Slider PRO t-shirt design, and the Princess Peach dress.

Welcome New Resident!

The population of Wasabi has been consistently growing, ever since Mayor Neko took over at Town Hall.  The newest resident of Wasabi is a small Monkey named デリ (Derry).  We are proud to announce that Derry was originally a resident of the neighboring village Kasen, but opted to move to Wasabi in hopes of finding larger fish to catch.  Good luck on that quest, Derry!

Floating Objects

Mayor Neko has reported seeing various balloons floating overhead ever since she moved to Wasabi.  She has been diligently been shooting them down and collecting the prizes that these balloons hold.  Mayor Neko has almost completed the Balloon Series, and on 1/29/13 had the luck to find three golden balloons floating overhead.  After shooting this down, she became the first resident of Wasabi to obtain the 3-Way Shot slingshot!  Congratulations Mayor!

Club 444 is NOW OPEN!

Due to the overwhelming demand of the residents of Wasabi, the world famous DJ K.K. Slider has opened up Club 444 in the Wasabi Strip Mall!  Mayor Neko had the residents of Wasabi sign a petition to bring DJ K.K. to Wasabi, and he simply could not refuse the requests of his fans.  Club 444 officially opened on 1/30/13.  DJ K.K. will be spinning house music nightly after 8PM – with the exception of Saturday nights, during which K.K. Slider will be performing an acoustic set.  At the acoustic set, K.K. Slider will entertain song requests by fans as well.  In the afternoons before K.K.’s show starts, Dr. Shrunk can be found in Club 444 performing his “acting” to anyone who will listen.


For all of those who venture to the Wasabi Strip Mall regularly, please use caution when walking on the east side.  A massive construction project began on 1/31/13 at the Able Sisters Shop.  Rumors suggest that the construction is to build a new salon above the clothing store.  While there is much excitement surrounding this, please use caution when walking by, as there is a lot of banging and drilling going on.  Mayor Neko has requested that all visitors please watch their step and look overhead for falling objects.

Public Works: New Bench

In addition to the new Lighthouse of Wasabi, Mayor Neko has also generously funded a quaint bench that can be found on the north east side of Wasabi.  It is yet another Public Work that Mayor Neko has created to bring more life to Wasabi.  The bench construction was completed on 2/1/13 and another Public Works project is in the planning stages.  Please see the Gyroid fundraiser located in the Wasabi Train Station for more details or to contribute.

New DLC at the Post Office

Pelly the Pelican, who works the day shift in the Wasabi Post Office, would like to remind everyone that there is new February DLC available for download.  The new DLC creates an Aurora Borealis – INDOORS!  Please visit the Post Office from 2/1 – 2/28 to receive this exclusive new item!  Mayor Neko, of course, snatched hers up as soon as she could and added it to her Ice Room.  She was quoted saying, “This new item is both beautiful and useful – it could serve well as a security device to block a doorway, while still giving visitors a peek inside the secured room.”

Museum Additions!

After a recent visit from Crazy Redd, a new addition has been donated to the Wasabi Museum by Mayor Neko.  The very first painting has finally been hung on the walls of the Museum!  The painting has been inspected by Blathers and deemed 100% authentic.  After Mayor Neko donated this first artwork, she told the Wasabi News, “I think that Blathers wants to upgrade the Wasabi Museum.  He seemed very pensive after I donated the painting.  I think now that each section of the Museum has at least one exhibit, Blathers will want to add a second floor.  Only time will tell!”

Stalk Market Report

Asking Price for Turnips on 1/27/13:  ฿106

Week’s Analysis:  It appeared that this was a Bear Market Week, with prices dipping as low as ฿47 per turnip.  The highest recorded price of the week was ฿140, which was posted after Mayor Neko had already sold her 200 turnips  in Kasen on 2/1/13, and took a small loss for the week.  Hopefully Joan will have a more favorable asking price on Sunday, 2/3/13.


A collection of the best photos of the week, as submitted by Mayor Neko!

Kuroi Robo Lamp!

Watch your step – it’s icy out there!

“The turnip prices went down AGAIN??”

Mayor Yumi of Kasen visiting the Wasabi Lighthouse.

Mayor Neko learned a new emotion thanks to Dr. Shrunk!

Fist Pumping! Even the townies dance when DJ K.K. plays the Town Tune Remix!

Pictured from left to right: Ri-Rii, Kitt, King, Mayor Neko, Wendy


Updates from Wasabi!

Mayor’s Log


Due to busy Mayoral duties, I wasn’t able to explore very long in Wasabi today.  But there were a few exciting things to note, so here’s what happened!

First of all, I got a letter from the HHA today.  I don’t know what it said, but there was a present attached.  I guess I met some point threshold with my furniture feng shui?  They sent me a shirt.  What is this supposed to be, free advertising for Lyle?  I wouldn’t be caught dead in this.  But I did put it on to take a photo.  Now it’s on display in my room.

There was a visitor in Wasabi today.  It was a Fox that I know to be named Redd, and he sells rare artwork.  Unfortunately, I hear that a lot of the art he sells is actually counterfeit, so you really have to inspect before you buy.  Here’s what he had for sale today:

I know that in this painting, the girl should have a blue headband on. So this has to be fake.

I’m not sure but something tells me this bust is missing a beard…

I feel like this sculpture is missing something…

So that leaves this guy. Is he real?

Unfortunately for me, I took all these photos and thought about it for a long time… then I had to go out.  And I forgot to come back and buy one of these artworks.  What a waste!  So I have no idea which was the real one.  Oh well.  Let’s call it a practice run and hope Redd comes back again soon.  I really need some stuff to donate to the Art Wing of the Wasabi Museum.  If anyone has anything to donate, please let me know!  I have a feeling my Museum won’t upgrade until I’ve donated at least one thing to each section…

I finally got a Snowman Bingo today too!

In exchange for my completed Bingo card, he gave me a snow-blower machine thing.  Sorry, I don’t know what it’s actually called lol!

We completed construction of the Campsite area in Wasabi as well.  Hopefully someone will come visit our town soon.

I wonder who will visit first?  We also had a new resident move in.  Again, I haven’t figured out her name yet (it’s a process, people!!) but she’s a cute Kangaroo with a Joey.  Maybe I’ll call her Kanga (from Winnie the Pooh!) for now.

There was a ton of construction in the strip mall today.  The Nook’s Sons shop was closed for renovations.  The Shoe Shank is still under construction.  Ahh I can’t wait for these shops to open up!  Let me spend my money!!

Before I ended my day, I figured I’d stop over in Kasen and see what was going on there.  Yumi and Zen were hanging out!  It’s so much fun to visit with friends in this game.  Zen and I added each other as BFF’s.  Now I have three best friends to chat with!

We were having a laugh over Yumi’s retarded snowbaby.  She was attempting to roll the snowballs together but the larger snowball accidentally ended up on top as the head!  Oops.  It’s like the Quasimodo of Snowbabies!  Aww.. it’s happy and cute.


HOORAY!  The new shop, Nookmart, has opened up!  It features a bigger storefront, larger inventory and later hours.  Huzzah!

In the Able Sister’s clothing store, (or rather, on the Labelle side… I don’t know if that has a separate name or what) there was a very rare and expensive Princess Crown for sale.

Too bad it costs ฿1,000,000!

Of course I had to try it on and tease myself.  I’ll have to save up if I want to get something fancy like this!  Then after I relinquished the crown, I bought up the berry hat and halo to make myself feel better.  Emotional shopping FTW!

I also noticed that there was an Igloo set up in the campsite area of Wasabi.  I had to take advantage of the cuteness by taking a seat on a nearby stump and taking a photo.  See the really cool Triforce tree stump in the foreground!?  🙂

Apparently tree stumps can have different patterns.  I hear there are some cool swirls and a leaf that can be found as well.  I’ll keep an eye out!  But I really like this one with the Triforce.  Anyway, after taking a photo, I braced myself for the icy insides of the Igloo…

Inside was a French Frog!  (Sorry, I’m clearly terrible with names!)  I’m sure his name was Jacques or  Pierre or something.  Grenouille?  I digress.  He was cooking up a delicious looking stew.  The pot looked big enough to stick the frog into, but I held myself back.  I’m already having political problems as the Mayor.  Don’t need an international incident on top of that!  lol

We also had a little celebration in front of the Igloo, because I’d forgotten to do so earlier.

I heard the news that there was a somewhat decent turnip price in Kasen so I figured I’d sell off my remaining turnips there.  A small profit is better than holding out and then ending up selling them for less than what I’d paid at the last minute.

While I was there, Yumi and I hung out and collected some snowflakes!  Aren’t they pretty?  When it snows, once in a while you see a big snowflake that you can catch with your net.  Apparently if you collect 3 snowflakes and bring them to the Snow Mama, you can get a piece of furniture from the glitzy Ice Series!

I got the Ice Wall from the Snow Mama.  I haven’t taken a picture yet; hopefully planning to add another room to my house soon and I’ll put all the Ice Series stuff in there.

We were sitting down by the Kasen Town Tree and I found that I could sit on the ledge!  Yumi joined me and suddenly the Town Credits began to roll…

The Town Credits are so cool!  It shows the Mayor, residents, dates that things were constructed and whatnot… what a great resource!  But the Wasabi Town Tree isn’t big enough yet I guess, because I can’t sit on the ledge in my own town.  Soon!

Yumi and I also enjoyed some hot coffee together.  But it was so cold out… we had to call it a night.