Back to Business

Well, the holiday mayhem has come to an end.  2010 is here and people are starting to get back to work.  Of course, I had to get back to my monthly duties in AC!  First, let me just tell you all about Shaolin’s newest resident.

New House!

Before I reveal who the new neighbor is (not that it’s all that exciting or anything) I’d just like to comment on how much I like this new house location.  Usually new residents always move into the same vacant spots that were left behind by previous townies.  Not this time!  This new house is situated right next to Nook N Go, and is beside the lovely golden rose path that leads to the Museum!  I’m almost surprised that nobody had moved into this house location before.  It’s pretty sweet, overlooks a cliff…  I’d have put my house there if it was an option!  😛

Sally Squirrel

So our new resident is Sally the Squirrel.  She’s pretty nice and all, but now there’s two squirrels in Shaolin.  NOT ideal!!  And Agent S is by far the coolest squirrel in the game.  So while I love Sally’s house locale, I’m not all that thrilled about her being here.  Currently I’m trying to get Friga to leave town, since we also have two penguins here in my town.  Why do they keep doubling up on species?  Where is ANKHA???  xD

What else is new…  I went to the City to get the new Town Charm for January.  It’s pretty lame, just find a mole cricket to get rid of bees in your town.  Meh.  I did run into a few former residents of Shaolin, which is always fun!

Grizzly and Monique in the city!

Oh I miss Grizzly, even though he was an old grouch!  LOL  I guess Apollo and Chief are my resident grouches now!

Now it’s time for an ANNOUNCEMENT!

The Mr. Snowman Snowslam Competition has been extended through the winter of 2010!

That’s right!  I decided to extend the Contest so that more people had a chance to submit a photo.  It occurred to me (after receiving only one – albeit an EXCELLENT entry!) that many people were probably busy during the holidays and didn’t have much time to build snowmen.  So now the Contest will be open for submissions until the end of February!  Please visit the CONTEST tab at the top of this blog for more info!

So now there’s no excuses!  You should have plenty of time to take a few pics of snowmen and email them to me!  Get yer snowboots on and get out there!  😛

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