The Penguin Break-Up

Friga's Leaving

Well, you might remember that I mentioned Friga was going to leave Shaolin.  At first I didn’t think much of it, since I already have Puck (the cute hockey playing penguin) in my town.  When Friga moved in a few weeks ago, I assumed she and Puck were dating.  She had me deliver presents to him and they seemed to be just right for each other!  But the day that Friga was packing and getting ready to leave, I realized the truth.

Puck and Friga broke up!  It was all too clear, because I saw Puck and Rowan hanging around outside Friga’s house.

Puck giving Rowan the details.

King Squirt didn’t want his buddies to think that he was eavesdropping, but he could definitely tell that they were talking about the gruesome breakup details.  Rowan was like, “Really??  No WAY!”  I don’t know what happened between those penguins, but something went sour and Friga has left town!  (Or maybe they are following Emperor Penguin mating traditions – Puck is in custody of the egg, while Friga migrates to the sea to fish…  yeah probably not.)

Other than that, not too much has been happening the past few days in Shaolin.  King Squirt has made a few attempts to drop snowballs off cliffs and onto his neighbors heads, but so far no luck.  He’s still hoping to collect the final few gyroids on his list…  Santa Jingle apparently forgot them on his sleigh last month.  😛

OH there was new DLC released today:  The Fedora Chair!  It’s weird, on the What’s New in Animal Crossing:  January video, the DLC was called the “Fedora Thingy.”  I thought that was a pretty dumb name…  since when is it ok for videogames to use the word thingy??  So I was relieved to find out that the item I received from Nintendo was not a thingy at all, but a normal chair!

Fedora Chair

It’s pretty cute, I guess.  Doesn’t really match anything…  I just wish they had released an actual HAT for us to wear, since this item is supposed to be celebrating Hat Day!  Oh well.  😛

2 thoughts on “The Penguin Break-Up

  1. maimy

    Oh dear, fedoras always make me think of Indiana Jones… so now I have a very strange image of King Squirt sat on Harrison Ford’s head…

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