Happy New Year!

The Countdown

Yesterday was New Year’s Eve day.  A gigantic clock appeared in front of Town Hall, accompanied by Tortimer.  He was handing out Party Poppers to celebrate the coming of the new year!  He was extremely excited about the event!  I took a bunch of photos that are all posted on my Flickr page, so if you feel like reading all his little quips be sure to check it out.

Later on that night, (technically the next day cuz I didn’t play AC during the actual countdown but I TT’ed back for the fun of it :-P) the clock was ticking down and it was almost 12:00 AM!  King Squirt spotted Chester stressing out between their houses.

Bye 2009!

So of course, King Squirt ran over to the Town Hall to ring the year in right!  Tortimer was busy practicing his countdown.

Yay the Mayor can count!

And then finally the moment came!  I liked how the game kinda paused itself so you had plenty of time to take the perfect photo.

2010 Fireworks!

Happy New Year!

The next morning, the big clock was gone but Tortimer was still loitering outside.  This time he was hanging out free t-shirts instead of party poppers.  It’s the new, limited edition 2010 New Year Shirt!  King Squirt ran back to his house to try it on.

2010 Shirt

I guess the animal is a tiger?  I can’t really tell.  If anyone knows what this year’s animal is, please leave me a comment lol!  🙂

There was a big surprise waiting for King Squirt in the mail today!  A letter from オレンジ with new JP DLC!  I didn’t even know there was something being released, I guess I’ve been slacking off lol!  The new item is called はごいた (hagoita).  I displayed it in Deb’s Japanese room.


So that was about it for New Year’s Eve!  It was a great holiday season, and I wish everyone out there in the interwebs a great 2010!  Let’s make it the best year ever!  XD

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year!

    I haven’t celebrated mine in AC yet. I’m stuck on 12/24 and decided that a marathon AC catch up play was not in order yesterday.
    Love the new 日本 DLC. It’s so cute!

  2. zimio2

    hey Vella, could you please add me to your roster please? on your last post I put my stuff in the comments

    I ❤ the 2010 shirt 🙂 I got my shoes to match and theyre greeny flattop things 🙂

  3. Happy new year dear Gluxbox! 😀
    Yes, this year is the year of the tiger! ^^
    And lucky you, you all have got such nice Japanese items there, I also want a hagoita or kagami-mochi, a kotatsu in ACWW, sniff! xP

    1. Thanks for clarifying for me, Mayu! I’m sorry there aren’t as many nice Japanese items in WW too! 😦

      It seems that in City Folk, Nintendo releases a lot of traditional Japanese items as downloadable content throughout the year. I also have a Hinaningyo, Tokonoma, and some really nice Japanese fashions! Maybe you should consider getting a Wii too lol! 😛

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