The Fellow in Red


The evening of December 24th was a very exciting time in Shaolin!  Jingle was coming to town, and everyone in the village was extremely psyched about it!  Squirt got a greeting card from “M and D” that had an ugly checkered tee attached to it.  What is with parents and sending ugly sweaters?  Anyway, many of the townies were feeling very festive and dropping hints about the mysterious guest visitor in town.

Happy Day!

Finally King Squirt spotted a ‘certain guy in red’ wandering around town.  I like his bright sparkly eyes.

It's Jingle!

It seemed that I forgot just how complicated this event was going to be.  Not only does Jingle wander about town (you can’t trap him by digging holes around him – he’ll escape) and inside people’s houses (thankfully only the ones with the lights out – and never in one of your player’s houses), he also will not give you anything if you wear the same disguise twice in a row.  Not to mention that depending on what you say in the dialog, he’ll give you a different type of gift.  Rather than trying to explain all this, I’ll just post a link to a Jingle guide.  Just in case some of you procrastinators haven’t caught up to present date and want a refresher course on Jingle.  😉

Jingle Inside

I must say it is a little weird but mostly fun to be able to go into a neighbor’s house when they aren’t home.  It feels like snooping!  And it’s encouraged on this night!  LOL but after a while, looking for Jingle around town all alone does get difficult.  So I was lucky enough to get in touch with a certain someone who is QUITE familiar with reindeer…

Hery Claus!

Hery Claus and I spent a little while looking around town, changing our disguises and picking up presents to add to my collection in front of Town Hall.  Then Hery had an idea:  “Let’s get Jingle up on the lighthouse!”

It was actually easier than we anticipated, since we found Jingle wandering outside right near the beach.  So we pushed him to the Lighthouse, and got him up without much of a problem at all!

Jingle is blocking us!

The only problem was that Jingle was standing right at the edge, leaving no room for us to get up on the lighthouse to join him!  King Squirt tried, but he just kept falling right back down to the ground, as you can see in this photo of him [flying in mid-air lol].

Hery Claus wants his reindeer!

But what I thought was REALLY funny was the fact that Jingle would NOT come back down!  He wouldn’t jump off.  I tried to save the game (usually that will bring everyone down from the lighthouse glitch) but Jingle remained up there!  He just wanted to fly I guess!  Or maybe he was looking for all of Santa’s other reindeer?  It was really weird and funny!  Eventually when Hery Claus had to leave (aren’t our matching curly beards so cute??  lol) and when I ‘ended the party’ Jingle did come back down.  But by that time I was all Jingle’d out!  😛

The next day, all the townies were full of happy holiday greetings!

Holiday Greetings

All in all it was a great holiday, both in AC and of course in real life!  I got to spend Christmas Day with my family and we had a lot of fun!  And I got the “New Super Mario Bros. Wii” game which is really kick-ass!  It’s surprisingly challenging too…  I love games that I can’t beat in a week!  lol

Before I go, just a quick reminder about the upcoming holiday in both City Folk and Wild World:  the New Year’s Countdown!

New Year's Countdown

So don’t forget to stop by the Town Hall on the 31st to get your annual New Year’s T-Shirt!  Ooh, I hope I remember to move all my Jingle furniture before that day, otherwise the gigantic Countdown Clock will smush everything!  😛  Hehehe!

I hope all my readers out there had a wonderful holiday and a have a happy, safe New Year as well!  Thanks for stopping by!  🙂

2 thoughts on “The Fellow in Red

  1. zimio2

    Hello, could you please add me to your friend roster on ACCF? I just started and i need some help.

    Name: Jesse
    Town: Tomutomu
    FC: 3223-6393-3890

  2. Haha! Poor Jingle. Can you talk to him while he’s up there?

    And I sent you a Meebo IM about it, but sorry I haven’t been on lately, things came up and I’ve had too much to do. Hopefully I’m still on your roster and we can visit one-another! 🙂

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