The Great Blizzard

Snowstorm Warning

A last minute warning was posted on the bulletin board outside of Town Hall.  There was a cold front moving in, and that meant that winter was officially upon us!  The temperature dropped to unspeakable lows and it snowed heavily for the entire day on Thursday.


Of course King Squirt was too busy keeping up appearances to bundle up and keep warm when he was out in the snowstorm.  Apparently Puck felt it was appropriate to wear his Dirndl Dress pattern, so maybe it wasn’t TOO cold.  The next day, all the yucky gray grass turned into crisp white snow!  Hooray! 😀

White Snow

It seemed like the change in the season brought the wackiness out of Apollo and Chief, who I suppose you could call Shaolin’s oldest residents.  And by old I mean in age, they always act like old grumps!  But I love them anyway.  😛  King Squirt ran into the two old timers down by the beach and they were discussing how they both wanted to be super villains.  Then Apollo told Chief to show us his best ‘evil laugh’ and Chief bellowed out:

Evil Super Villain Laugh

Pretty impressive!  But I usually spell it MUAHAHAHA!  But that’s ok.  He tried.  😛

OK now it’s time for some big news!  When King Squirt built his first perfect snowman of the season, the snowman said something very familiar.

2009 Snowman Snowslam!

You see, a year ago I took a very similar photo.

2008 Snowman Snowslam

LOL look at all those patches of ground in this old pic!  I am extremely happy that I managed to fix the grass problem over the summer, and this year Shaolin has a beautiful covering of snow.  Now we all have to be very careful not to step off the paths, or the snow will start to disappear!!

Anyway, these photos got me thinking.  These snowmen keep blabbing on about a Mr. Snowman Snowslam Competition.  But what is it?  Do we ever get to find out the results?  No, of course not.  😛  But I thought maybe we should change that!  I’ve decided to run a contest starting now:

Shaolin’s 2009 Mr. Snowman Snowslam!

That’s right, I want you all to make snowmen!  Take a photo of your best snowman creation, and submit a link of the picture here at the Shaolin Blog!  The best snowman will win a MAGNIFICENT prize from King Squirt’s Private Collection!  I’ll post the official rules and details soon, but start working on your snowman building skills and take pictures!  This contest will end on 12/31/2009!

2 thoughts on “The Great Blizzard

  1. gluxbox

    Hi Marissa! Due to an underwhelming amount of entries for the Mr. Snowman Snowslam Competition, I decided to extend the contest through 2010! So you now have all winter to take the best snowman photos and enter them in the contest! 🙂

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