Harvest Festival and Black Friday

Here is a recap of the past two days, since I was too busy to blog!

Harvest Festival

King Squirt was greeted by the usual faceless voice (is it supposed to be Tortimer bellowing the announcements?  Is there a P.A. system set up in Shaolin?  I don’t know.) and some festive music in honor of the Harvest Festival.  The objective for this holiday, if you couldn’t figure it out, is to save Franklin, the Turkey.  Tortimer hangs out at the Town Hall giving out forks and knives.  If you bring the silverware to Franklin, he gives you a piece of the Harvest Series.  I guess AC:CF is trying to promote vegetarianism?

Poor Franklin

Franklin deals with a lot of anxiety during this holiday.  Can’t say I blame him, since he was invited as the ‘guest of honor’ but Tortimer only intends to roast him!

Neighbors are getting hungry.

Meanwhile, as King Squirt hustled around town searching for Franklin, the townies started getting antsy.  They crowded around the buffet style tables, wondering why there was a big empty plate on one table instead of a succulent roast turkey.  I felt kind of guilty to be ruining their dinner, but at the same time… Franklin needed me.  He was starting to really lose it, even trying to impersonate a chicken so that he wouldn’t be eaten on this night:

Franklin wants to be a Rooster today.

Thanks to my help, Franklin was able to escape.  Mostly because I didn’t realize that the Harvest Festival only lasts until 9PM.  After that, Franklin found his way straight out of the gate and was gone.  And the poor townies had to go to bed hungry.

Oh well!

The thought of a tortoise eating a turkey is somewhat weird and disturbing to me.  Anyway…  I didn’t sell my Harvest Series spares yet, so if you’re looking for any particular piece, let me know and I’ll see if I have it.  I know for sure that I have the wallpaper and carpet, and some clocks and lamps.  I forget what else.  So if you didn’t complete your set yet, please leave a comment!  XD

Everyone in the USA knows that the day AFTER Thanksgiving is called Black Friday.  We don’t really know WHY it’s called that (if you do, please post a comment and tell me!  lol) but it is ‘celebrated’ by retail stores having huge Christmas sales.  Stores usually open at 3AM for shopping frenzies.  It’s a bit ridiculous if you ask me… I don’t take part in any of it.  (My mom, however, opted to go to Kohl’s at 4AM!  LOL)  However, AC:CF wasn’t about to let me forget about Black Friday.  A new, unannounced US DLC was released in honor of this silly ‘holiday.’

Black Friday DLC

Nintendo didn’t call it Black Friday DLC but it’s quite obvious that it was the intention.  Especially when you take a look at the item that was attached to this letter:

US DLC: Shopping Cart!

It’s a silly shopping cart, just like the ones you’d find in Nookway.  Deb set it up in her yummy Cafe room.  😛

Please let me know if you’d like me to send you the new US DLC!

4 thoughts on “Harvest Festival and Black Friday

  1. Black Friday is so named because it’s the day when retail establishments usually go from being in the red (eep! not making a profit) to being in the black–making a profit. Not as sinister as you thought…or maybe it is. 😉

  2. What Vella described is right about Black Friday.
    Most of stores open from 5am here. We left home around 8:20am, and bought what we want. They are not super hot stuff though.

  3. ouracwwadventures

    Hii gluxbox! This is Julie from Wildwood xD Awesome blog, and ACCF looks totally cool!!!!! 😀 I hope to get it one day, but I’m not holding my breath haha xD Just to let you know, I’ve added you onto my blogroll! See you soon!! 😉 (You’re also added in my roster)

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